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  • Sky1470 - Perfect fit for the Equinox

    Perfect fit for the Equinox, durable high quality. The price was much more affordable than the dealer. Shipping was quick as well

  • Kristle Luna - I highly recommend this, if you follow the instructions you shouldn't ...

    Initially, (I have sensitive skin) when I applied this, it made certain parts of my face red and there was a slight burning sensation. However, Aveeno has never let me down so I read the instructions and used it based on how frequent to apply it for sensitive skin. I started out every other day, then once a day once my skin got used to it. It definitely works, my skin has an even natural skin tone now and my dark spots are gone! I highly recommend this, if you follow the instructions you shouldn't have any problems in my opinion.

  • Avid Reader - Great tool for learning Access

    Good book as a reference to learning Access. However, what is missing is a good section of issues that a beginner may face and not know how to resolve - which is why I bought the book. It does not have any tutorials on how to resolve some basic errors.

  • casey roberts - Does not backup Mozilla Firefox files and other files by default

    I am not a newby - before retiring a decade ago, I was the primary software consultant as well as a network specialist at a major research university. I have used a number of different backup and restore programs on Unix, Apple, and Windows servers. It is possible that I was a little rusty, but I managed to wipe out my Windows 8.1 system while attempting to clone the system to a newly purchased solid state "disk" drive. I attempted three times to clone the drive (there were only 93Mb on the C; disk to be cloned and 488Mb of space on the SSD) and each time when the clone process said that it needed to restart, the computer shut down but did not start back up after as much as 4 hours; and there was no disk activity showing on the disk activity light. Each of these three times, however, I was able to manually restart the computer - which canceled out the cloning process. Each time the C; drive was left intact and I was able to resume computing. On the fourth try, not only did the restart fail, I was unable to bring the computer up at all. I decided to use the Windows emergency disk to "refresh" the system and get it operational. Unfortunately, I had just had an asthma attack and I was feeling rather punchy and did not stop to realize that Microsoft had decided to ignore some 70+ years of computer terminology and decide that what had been known as "programs" was now termed "apps". They did warn that "apps" would be wiped out but could be repurchased from the AppStore. However, since I had not ever purchased any apps, only programs like Adobe Photoshop, I proceeded - much to my regret.

  • Northern Bradster - Tachyon XC Micro pretty nice. Amazing tech support too

    Received the camera today. Camera was what I expected, I'm happy with the overall quality of it. There's always room for product improvement but for the low price they ask for this camera I feel quality passes expectations in a positive way.

  • David Wilcox - Solid, comfortable shoes

    Like all other Merrell shoes I own and have owned, they are comfortable, tough and high quality. I use them on the wet and snowy winter days around here for working outside and riding my mountain bike.

  • acruz988 - Love it

    This product definitely gives me the boost I need without coming on too strong. It doesn't give you the rapid heart beating you feel with most supplements. I'm very happy with the results, which are very noticeable. Shredz doesn't kill your appetite. It helps the process of seeing results we all need to keep working out much faster.