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  • http://www.rockfordcardiovascular.com/news/2015/release-05-15-2015-001.html Dr. Ken Berkovitz Named Head of Cardiovascular Service Line | Rockford Cardiovascular Associates - years, akron, planning, including, committed, succeeding, cardiovascular, earned, headline, jim, opportunities, interested, board, administrative, transformation, 8220, 8221, exceptional, report, dr, association, school, purdue, january, university, joined, public, large, excellence, served, vision, ten, 309, 50, culture, cleveland, lead, interventional, fellowship, health, medicine, osf, integrated, body, ken, biology, patient, degree, vanderbilt, met, bachelor, ohio, news, wanted, certified, care, training, summa, institute, broad-based, experience, prior, american, residency, efforts, asked, mcelroy, named, farrell, retired, strategic, services, forefront, city, service, twenty, top, system, relations, clinical, indiana, location, head, cardiology, brings, completed, berkovitz, teaser, lives, md, developing, science, vice, obvious, programs, heart, reassuring, recognized, organizational, hospitals, advancing, goal, 1999-2004, illinois, internal, 677-0767, peoria, ultimate, indianapolis, recruitment, nationally, includes, director, coming, improving, president, core, cardiologist, don, phone, medical, disease, contact, physician, healthcare, senior, hospital, joining
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