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  • G. A. - Excellent Item

    Purchased this item to use with my Ancestry.com account which already existed. Loaded it on the computer, without any problems, and let it sync with my online account. It downloaded all information I had online fairly quickly and exteneded my existing membership by 3 months as advertised. Really easy to work with, comes with a book that is a great tool for discovering everything this software will do. So far I simply love it. I also updated my family tree online at Ancestry.com and when I started this program on my home computer it automatically synced up and updated the tree on my computer without any problem. Worth the money!

  • Holly Bowers - Gives Relief

    I have severe lumbar arthritis and some spinal stenosis. This product is easy to use and does give some relief. I use it while I'm on the computer or watching TV ... the light pad slips off the hand holder and can be slid easily under clothing. You can set the light therapy at three different levels and add extra heat if you like. The unit shuts off automatically after approx 15 minutes so you don't overdo if you fall asleep. It's easy to reset. I think it's better than a heating pad and easier to use. I'm sensitive to energy moving through my body and this is sending a good amount of infrared energy which I feel more intensely when I put it directly on my lower spine. It probably won't cure your ailment, but it should bring muscular pain relief and some overall relaxation. I would purchase additional units as gifts.

  • amber norcia - This isnt a rating on the product. Its a rating on my experience

    this isn't a rating based on how well the product performed, its a rating based on my experience. I never got to use the product because when I received it I opened the package and was so excited to use it and the bottle was completely empty, bone dry. So I never got to use it. But I did receive it quickly and I was able to return it with no issue.


    i received the Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights at no charge to myself as part of a promotion from the seller who is tring to get is product and brand name out there.

  • G.M. - Good Price

    This product is price right, I had to change my circuit board, so I also change the old thermostat's too!

  • coalyard - Back2Life - OK machine

    Produut seems to work as advertised. Not a fast fix but if you stay with the program it slowly seems to be of considerable help. I feel that my machine was money well spent.

  • JJeggsandB - Great product

    I purchased this product to test a plug that I replaced. Using it is very simple - just plug it in and make sure the proper lights illuminate. Some people have written about problems with the GFCI tester button. I did not purchase this with the intent to test GFCI plugs, I tried it out and it worked great; just lightly pressing the button would cause the GFCI to trip.