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  • L. Esp.. - 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment... two 6 oz. bottles

    I have long, thin, over processed hair. I've tried the very best products (Schwarzkopf, Matrix Biolage Moisture balm and many others) A hair stylist used this product on my hair and I loved it. I use it on my wet hair as a leave in. Just two squirts and work it through. It really is incredible stuff. The smell is very light and pleasant, it will not leave your hair heavy or greasy and the results are incredible. Also, If you buy two bottles separately its cheaper..

  • gakiriddle - Lots of storage!

    I got this for my husband. He has one he keeps in his truck but he wanted a different one he could use at his job. This seemed like a good option. It has 8 gab. That will hold around 2000 songs which is way more than he has. Also can hold his work list of things to do along with any honey dos I may add in there. Comes with charging cord and earbuds. He is thrilled that it has a game on there. Different examples of things that can be done on it show up on the menu screen. Came packed in a clear hard plastic case. The screen seems to be quite large compared to some others I have seen on the MP4 players.

  • Beau Toichi - Good messenger bag, just not for me

    I wanted to like this bag. I was planning to use it like how it should be used...for a 4-mile bicycle commute to work everyday. The bag is well-made with nice features, but there were two things that made me decided to return it:

  • Feeva - just ok

    Murad makes great skin care product; however, I'm not too keen about the exfoliating cleanser. It's a bit too harsh for my skin so I end up mixing it with my regular face cleanser so it tones down the harshness a bit.

  • sotus - What a deal for my 2011 Altima

    As other reviewers have noted, this is such a great deal versus buying it from the dealership. Plus, I negotiated with the dealer where I bought the car to throw in the programming of the new key. So I got the entire key for under $30.00! Got it done and it works great.