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SaferSpaces - SaferSpaces is an interactive platform run by and for safety practitioners in South Africa to promote their work, share knowledge, connect and learn from each other.

  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/content/newsletter/newsletter-archive Newsletter – SaferSpaces - SaferSpaces sends out a regular (bi-monthly) newsletter featuring the latest articles, project profiles, resources and events. If you would like to feature something from your organisation, please let us know. Write to
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/content/page/why-saferspaces Why SaferSpaces? – SaferSpaces - What is SaferSpaces?SaferSpaces is an interactive platform run by and for community safety and violence prevention practitioners in South Africa to connect, share knowledge and learn from each other.SaferSpaces supports the sharing of knowledge on promoting community safety and preventing violence in South Africa. It serves as a source of knowledge on good practices and experiences, as well as a virtual meeting place for those involved in and interested in safety-related…
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/content/page/vision-mission Vision & Mission – SaferSpaces - VISION AND PRINCIPLESSaferSpaces supports the vision for South Africa as set out in the National Development Plan. It believes in the vision of a South Africa where all people
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/content/page/what-does-saferspaces-offer What does SaferSpaces offer? – SaferSpaces - SaferSpaces is an interactive source of information on violence and crime prevention and an inclusive hub for knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration for practitioners in community safety across South Africa.In particular, SaferSpaces aims to: Improve the accessibility, availability and dissemination of knowledge on violence and crime prevention generally and in South Africa Showcase projects related to and working in community safety across South Africa Explain South…
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/content/page/who-is-it-for Who is it for? – SaferSpaces - SaferSpaces is run by and for practitioners in community safety. It is aimed particularly at practitioners actively involved projects, programmes or initiatives that work towards violence prevention and the promotion of a safer South Africa.Below are target groups that SaferSpaces addresses, as well as some of the incentives we believe make becoming a member particularly worthwhile: Government  acquiring information and knowledge; presenting frameworks and…
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/events/entry/international-dialogue-on-citizen-safety International Dialogue on Citizen Safety – Events – SaferSpaces - The Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention and African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum’s Consortium on Crime and Violence Prevention, together with other partners hosted a two and half day international dialogue on citizen safety and crime and violence prevention. Find all resources…
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/blog/entry/why-societies-must-protect-children-if-they-want-fewer-criminals Why societies must protect children if they want fewer criminals – Blog – SaferSpaces - Preventing and reducing stubbornly high levels of violence in South Africa can only be achieved if the country focuses on ensuring that children are not exposed to violence or toxic stress at home, and that they are warmly cared…
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/blog/entry/beyond-the-unthinkable-city-dwellings-without-security-walls Beyond the unthinkable? City dwellings without security walls – Blog – SaferSpaces - In response to high levels of crime, South Africans have turned their homes into fortresses, seeking security behind high walls. But doing so might be…
  • http://www.saferspaces.org.za/blog/entry/towards-safer-cities-first-national-report-on-urban-safety-in-south-africa Towards safer cities: First national report on urban safety in South Africa – Blog – SaferSpaces - The first national report of its kind, the State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report 2016 makes the case for integrated, evidence-based urban safety responses driven at…

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    The camera is Ok, quality of the build isn't so good, and quality of the image isn't that good as well, but that's what you pay for anyway.

  • sandrsmom - NOT for the mature woman!

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  • Marigold - Very good.

    I had read many reviews before deciding which Antivirus to buy. I chose Norton because of its long standing and respect in the computer world. I like it a lot. Works well, tells me what I need to know without intruding and making access to websites difficult as some do.,

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    This is my favorite diaper rash cream because it is thick and has no odor. balmex has helped us through some very bad diaper rashes!

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  • Arthur Riggs - Possibly Worthwhile, but a warning

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