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  • LMacey - I HATE this thing

    I HATE this thing. It's nice to save time on the cards, but they're glorified flash cards. I could make these things myself and have more room to write than on these. Filling them out takes a lot of time and it's not active learning. All you do is transfer information from a drug book to a card. Making the cards would help me retain more information than filling them out. Plus, the binder is extremely cheap for how much I paid for these things. I dropped it once and all three rings broke, so now I have to use a freezer bag to hold the cards. Unfortunately my college force us to buy it (you're penalized in clinical if you don't have it). The cards are awkward to carry around. If I had a choice I would not have bought these.

  • Lisa M. Faust - Did not work....

    Sadly, I was so looking forward to getting this, but it simply did not work at all from the moment it arrived. I really hate to say this, but I have ordered a number of these kind of health devices - like the chi machine - for example. They all have this kind of ubiquitous plastic housing when they arrive. They all have the same kind of crappy, really cheap looking red lights etc....and every single item I have ever ordered like this, made in China, has been absolute junk that never worked. I will never buy another device like this again

  • Beau - Great resource for Step 1

    The book is basically broken down into organ systems and each section if is well organized. The information is condensed and definitely high yield. By second semester of the M2 year this is a great way to review what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of information.

  • drjjg - Astounding

    Dr. Wallach reveals the most important things of all behind air, water, sleep and food. If you think you are getting all your vitamins and minerals, think again! This book is awesome!

  • Retired Techie - Great anti-allergy product.

    We have been using the for a couple of years now. All natural and work very well. None of that 'extra junk' in them that you find in OTC products.

  • Ramona - don't buy this product

    I didn't have some of the problems listed here by others, but under the best of circumstances this is product more than a rip off.

  • Mrs. Paul - This is hands down my two youngest children's favorite app. There are many different nursery rhymes and ...

    This is hands down my two youngest children's favorite app. There are many different nursery rhymes and songs set to different beats that are age-appropriate for toddlers and young preschool children. The graphics and music videos that are played with the music are very engaging.