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Canberra Physiotherapy Services | Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy - Canberra Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Massage Services | Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy | Canberra City West & Gungahlin Town Centre.

  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/physiotherapy Physiotherapy | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Physiotherapy can assist with a wide range of injuries and conditions including back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, strains & sprains and more...
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/sports-physiotherapy/ Sports Physiotherapy | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Sports Physiotherapy: We not only resolve your symptoms but also fix the cause of your problem so that you never have to see us again for the same injury
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/spinal-physiotherapy/ Spinal Physiotherapy | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Spinal Physiotherapy treats acute as well as chronic back pain, sciatica, thoracic pain, disc pain, spinal nerve pain, neck pain and tension headaches.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/post-op-rehabilitation-physiotherapy/ Post-op Rehabilitation Physiotherapy - Post-op rehabilitation physiotherapy helps you get back on your feet fast. Surgery without post-op rehabilitation physiotherapy can lead to poor results.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/dynamic-core-stability-physiotherapy/ Dynamic core stability physiotherapy |Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Dynamic core stability physiotherapy is the ability to stabilise the lower back and pelvis using the muscles of the abdomen, lower back & pelvic floor.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/dance-physiotherapy/ Dance Physiotherapy | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Dance physiotherapy treats dance injuries including, low back pain on arabesque, and foot pain on leaping and plie. Need dance physiotherapy call 6262 4464
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/podiatry-services Podiatry Services | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Our podiatry services include orthotic therapy, footwear advice, foot mobilisation, nail surgeries and diabetes foot risk assessments
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/orthotics/ Orthotics | Physio, Poditary & Massage - Orthotics can improve lower limb alignment, foot and ankle pain and also significantly help with reducing knee, hip and back pain.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/massage-therapy/ Massage Therapy | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Massage has been scientifically proven to promote relaxation and wellbeing, increase circulation, reduce stress and improve work and sporting performance.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/gymnasium/ Gymnasium | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Use our Gymnasium for FREE. Doing strength exercises in the gym provides a great adjunct to treatment.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/hydrotherapy/ Hydrotherapy | Physio, Poditary & Massage - Hydrotherapy can reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, decrease pain, reduce muscle spasm and tightness, and induce muscle relaxation.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/acupuncture/ Acupuncture | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Acupuncture or dry needling can be performed by a qualified physiotherapist. Acupuncture can be very effective in both acute and chronic conditions.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/real-time-ultrasound/ Real Time Ultrasound | Physio, Poditary & Massage - Real Time Ultrasound assists physiotherapists to diagnose your injury. We use our ultrasound machine to give you a moving image of your core muscles.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/pre-and-post-natal/ Pre and Post Natal | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Physiotherapy and massage are ideal for women experiencing pain or discomfort pre and post natal childbirth. Also Mums and Bubs classes run by qualified physios.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/bike-fitting/ Bike Fitting | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - A bike fitting assessment can enable you to cycle for a long time and frequently, while reducing the risk for injury.A bike fit by a physiotherapist is best
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/running-assessment/ Running Assessment | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - An estimated 65% of all runners experience running-related injuries each year. Run better, run less injured, run faster - see a physio.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/pilates/ Pilates | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Pilates is great for muscle conditioning and can help with back pain, hip and pelvis pain, pregnancy, post childbirth, incontinence and pelvic floor
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/womens-health/ Women's Health - Our women's health physios provide simple and effective solutions for women through all life stages, whether it be pregnancy, birth, lactation or menopause.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/our-services/musculoskeletal-screening/ Musculoskeletal Screening | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Musculoskeletal screenings helps clients to improve their performance in a particular sport and for those wishing to become more active.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/about-us/ About us - Sport & Spinal Physio | Physio, Podiatry & Massage - About us and the team at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy. Our specialists are trained in physiotherapy, podiatry and massage.
  • http://www.sportandspinalphysio.com.au/special-offers Special Offer |Physio, Podiatry & Massage - Reward yourself as a client of Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy with our regular special offers.

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  • Terse - round and dimpled

    Disappointed - changed to Mojo golf ball and still did not hit a hole-in-one and they kept going in the rough. They all appeared perfectly round and dimpled. Next summer I may need to purchase new clubs as these balls didn't seem to make a difference.

  • Rose Gooch - Gilmour flexogen makes a great thank you/host-hostess gift

    I recently stayed at a friend's beach house where the hose was crimped and difficult to use (I know as I watered their plants). So, I ordered this hose (I have two 50' ones here where I live), and had them sent to my friends' home. It is an untraditional gift, but much appreciated. It is true, however, that the material used is not as good as in the older hoses. My new ones crimped after a year or two.

  • Christian Hawk - Over all the cup is great BUT I have had the product for just a ...

    Over all the cup is great BUT I have had the product for just a month now and both lids have cracked. Disappointed.

  • Pete53 - Nice sofa seems to be well made

    Nice sofa seems to be well made,was bummed to see Wal-Mart's name on the receipt though,not a fan of that store....

  • Arno - Best Product on Market

    I have been repurchasing Cellucor Super HD Thermogenic since January and I am trully seeing real results with the product. In conjunction with strict diet and new workout routine I was able to shed over 25lbs and almost 10% body fat in just 5 months. Please keep restocking this product cause I need to be restocking soon.

  • Gregory A. Shipes - One disappointed little girl

    The shoes themselves are okay. 2 weeks of wear and one of them won't charge. One disappointed little girl.

  • Alexandria L. Burton - Endurance!!!

    The best example of endurance, courage, fortitude & tenacity I've ever read! So inspiring that my husband & I have decided that no matter what trials we encounter as we sail through life, our new catch phrase will be "it's not as bad as Shackletons!"