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  • Sandra P. - If you're recording vacation footage, maybe just stick with ...

    If you're recording vacation footage, maybe just stick with your iPhone, but if you're trying to make a multi camera or vlog type product, a few of these can go a long way. A definitely must buy!

  • mommaness - I like this, but my baby didn't at first

    I like this, but my baby didn't at first. My sister in law bought this for us as a baby shower gift and I was in love with all the features.

  • Militarybooks - ABSOLUTELY WORKS WONDERS--but follow my instructions not what is on the package.

    Absolutely works wonders--BUT the key is getting it applied within about an hour or two of realizing a fever blister is coming on. If you that, it is usually contained and no one even notices that you have one! If you wait a few hours or even a day, it will be a bit worse, but still almost never break open or spreads, Just looks like a small zit and is gone within 2-3 days.

  • Ryan Patrick - Typos!

    I'm sorry, I haven't even read this book, but if I spot two typos just on a cursory glance of the back cover, something's wrong. This looks shoddy and cheap.

  • D. Churco - Ran my whole house for several days during Sandy

    I was able to run 2 Refrigerators, 3 laptops, a 40" LCD TV, a TIVO(for TV for the Kids) My Forced hot air Heat, and lights(all at the same time in some cases) and other items with out any problems for 3 days with this during Hurricane Sandy. I have since loaned it to a friend that ran his house for 2 more days. I bought this back during Hurricane Irene, and did not need it then, so I drained the gas, and let it sit for a year. Along came Sandy, so I put gas in it, pulled the cord, and she started right up this time. I have been very happy with the power of this generator, the only thing I wish it had was 240v, and an AMP/Watt Meter. But for the price, this thing can't be beat. Just make sure to change the Oil every 20 hours run time (Get a funnel with a long skinny neck) and you will have a great generator for a long time.

  • San-G - Upside down or downside up

    The album itself is amazing and I'd recommend it to any coin collector. The makers of quarters made it impossible to view this album in the natural way. If you want to see front and back of a quarter you have to turn the album upside down - and once you fill it up with coins it gets heavy.... Kudos to Zyrus Press... and a little message to coin makers-turn those "heads" the right way