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  • Amazon Customer - Great antivirus

    Shipped immediately to me, this anti virus is worth way more than I paid. Very good quality. Excellent customer service as well. Excellent Value and Product

  • ceejaysgoodies - check out steam before you buy.

    The game itself is good but you have to download "steam" to play it. Most of the time steam isn't working. Do yourself a favor and check if steam will work for you before you buy. It is not a stand alone game.

  • Amazon Customer - Works well, exceeded my expectations

    This product works great if used correctly. I have a 1996 Lexus SC400 and it solved my catalytic converter problem. I have also seen a 10% improvement in fuel economy over several tanks. I believe that the key to having success with this product is actually knowing how much fuel is in your tank when that light goes off. You need to know how much fuel the fuel filler neck holds as well. For example, my 2003 Chrysler Town and Country has a 20 gallon tank, but the fuel filler line holds another 1.5 gallons. When the fuel light comes on and I refill I typically put in 16.5 gallons. Thus, the tank really had 5 gallons left in it. Just keep that in mind when using this product. However as an engineer I'm impressed with the results. Even if this is something I do every year, the fuel savings and improvement in engine response are worth the effort.

  • ap614 - Better than the mouse I use on it!

    I've seen it written in other reviews and my experience is the same: this is the best mouse pad by leaps and bounds! For years I've thought that having the raised wrist pad was the ideal ergonomic arrangement and then I tried this. I actually found it on the rack at a local large electronics warehouse that many of us know.

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    I purchased this shirt for a co-worker. I never saw her again. Once she put on this shirt she was eclipsed by a flood of brilliant light and disappeared into the gestalt. I have considered ordering this shirt for myself, but I am not sure if I am quite ready for apotheosis.

  • PiperFlyer - Works well but a little rough on your skin.

    My wife bought this for her eyebrows. She reports that t's easy to use and works well, allowing her to scalp her brows with precision but that it's a little rough on her skin. Overall, she gives it four stars.

  • Eve1972 - Really Enjoyed This One.

    Trouble seems to follow Harper MacLain wherever she goes. Her overly trusting personality and trying everything to protect those she loves has landed her in a whole heap of trouble. Thrust into her ex-boyfriend Detective Lucas Sullivan's case. She fights the temptation to fall back into bad habits… and his bed.