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Luxury Addiction Treatment at The Sundance Center in Phoenix Arizona - An oasis in Scottsdale (Phoenix) AZ offering highly effective addiction treatment with a focus on naturopathic medicine and holistic therapy.

  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/ Treatment Programs at The Sundance Center - We offer a unique combination of luxury and high-quality drug rehab treatment programs.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/inpatient-addiction-treatment-programs/ Inpatient Addiction Treatment | Rehab Center in Arizona - We offer three different inpatient addiction treatment programs: the men's program, the women's program and the exclusive men's program.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/intensive-outpatient-treatment/ Intensive Outpatient Treatment | AZ Rehab Center - We offer an intensive outpatient program designed to accommodate clients’ work and family obligations, in the afternoons Monday through Thursday.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/complementary-therapies/ Therapies for Addiction Treatment | Drug Rehab in Scottsdale - Complementary therapies blend the best of traditional Western medicine with less traditional methods for addiction treatment, such as Eastern medicine.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/what-we-treat/ What We Treat | Addiction Treatment in AZ - We treat all types of substance abuse like alcohol and drug abuse as well as underlying conditions and co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/what-we-treat/dual-diagnosis-treatment/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment |Scottsdale Arizona - At The Sundance Center, we take an integrated approach to dual diagnosis treatment and address the addiction and underlying mental health issues together.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/what-we-treat/alcohol-rehab/ Alcohol Rehab at The Sundance Center - Here at Sundance, we are passionate about helping those who suffer from alcohol addiction with our truly holistic model of alcohol rehab treatment.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/what-we-treat/drug-rehab/ Drug Addiction | Drug Rehab in Scottsdale, AZ - Drug rehab is a safe, supportive place where people who are struggling with addiction can step away from the stresses of daily life and focus on getting well.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/admissions/signs-drug-addiction/ What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction? - How do you know when it’s time to get help? Here are some signs of drug addiction that indicate treatment is the best way to bring the light back into your life.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/cocaine-addiction/ Cocaine Addiction Treatment - It is critical for successful treatment that those with cocaine addiction understand the physical and emotional challenges they will face in early recovery.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/dangers-home-detox/ Dangers of Home Detox | Can I Detox Off Drugs on My Own? - Home detox is dangerous to do alone. Medically monitored detox is the safest and most comfortable way to withdraw from drugs and alcohol after a long period abuse or addiction.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/heroin-addiction/ Heroin Addiction Treatment at The Sundance Center - Heroin is an especially strong opioid, and therefore presents especially prominent dependence and addiction risks.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/hydrocodone-vicodin-addiction/ Hydrocodone or Vicodin Addiction Treatment - Prescription users of Vicodin may start abusing it in an attempt to experience its euphoric impact again and again over time, leading to addiction.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/marijuana-addiction/ Marijuana Addiction | Marijuana Rehab Center - Researchers and addiction specialists know that almost 1 out of every 10 people who use regularly marijuana will eventually develop an addiction.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/medical-detox/ Medical Detox | Drug Detox Center in Arizona - The goal of our medical detox is to keep the client as comfortable as possible and focus on healing the body so they can make a smooth transition to sobriety.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/meth-addiction/ Meth Addiction | Meth Rehab Center in Scottsdale - Meth addicts are typically treated with a form of counseling which seeks to modify the internal cues, external triggers and actions that support drug use.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/oxycontin-addiction/ OxyContin Addiction Treatment | Oxycodone - Treatment for OxyContin addiction is similar to the treatment for most other forms of opioid addiction.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/prescription-drug-abuse/ Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction - The potential for abuse and addiction is high with all of these drugs and are the leading culprits in prescription drug abuse
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/post-acute-withdrawal-syndrome/ What Is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome? | PAWS Rehab - The reason we emphasize PAWS so strongly is because its symptoms are of the invisible variety—the kind that can trick you into thinking what you really need is to use again.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/tolerance/ What Is Tolerance? - As one uses, tolerance develops, which makes it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to limit or decrease quantities without experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/xanax-addiction/ Xanax Addiction Treatment | Drug Rehab Center in Arizona - Xanax can produce severe or potentially fatal changes in brain and body function during withdrawal, so detox should always be under medical supervision.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/environment/ Healing Environment | Addiction Treatment Center - Within its peaceful, serene environment, Sundance has offered gender-separate drug and alcohol treatment center to thousands of people.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/environment/scottsdale/ Scottsdale Arizona | A Healing Oasis for Addiction Treatment - The beautiful climate and inspiring landscape make Scottsdale an ideal location for a luxury drug rehab center.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/environment/retreat/ Men's Executive House | Luxury Drug Rehab - The Men's Executive House and program are designed for executives and other high-profile individuals who require the highest level of privacy and discretion.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/environment/sundance-center/ Men's House | Addiction Treatment Center - The men’s house offers extra-large bedrooms, relaxing community spaces and resort-like grounds and provides a restorative atmosphere for the work of recovery.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/environment/womens-house/ Women's House | Addiction Treatment Center in Arizona - At the women’s house at The Sundance Center, women can feel safe and secure in a nurturing, gender-separate environment.
  • https://www.sundancecenter.com/about-us/ About Sundance | Drug Rehab Center in AZ - The Sundance Center is a gender-separate addiction treatment center in Scottsdale that treats the whole person using evidence-based and alternative treatment approaches.

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