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Sunstar Global Website - Sunstar provides high-value-added products and services in the areas of oral care, health and beauty, as well as the chemical and automobile industries.

  • http://www.sunstar.com/holistic_health_care Holistic Health Care | Sunstar Global Website - Our 360° approach to total well-being. Holistic Health Care provides a connected approach across every aspect of daily life. As our company name reflects, Sunstar supports you throughout the day, from the morning sun to the night-time stars.
  • http://www.sunstar.com/company/life_with_sunstar Life with Sunstar | Company | Sunstar Global Website - In our offices, laboratories and factories all around the world, we’re using smartphones to record our daily life; capturing a little of what makes us Sunstar
  • http://www.sunstar.com/rd/story/underfill Leading technology drives the evolution of electronic devices — Penguin Cement 1027S | Research & Development | Sunstar Global Website - Electronic devices are an essential part of modern life. Sunstar Engineering, with focus on craftsmanship and contemporary demands, has always developed top quality materials that assist social development and reduce environmental impact.
  • http://www.sunstar.com/rd/story/brown-rice Unlocking the Nutritional Potential of Brown Rice — Brown Rice & Soy Drink | Research & Development | Sunstar Global Website - The traditional Japanese meal is viewed as well-balanced and low in calories. To deliver the bountiful nutrients of brown rice to enrich daily meals, Sunstar has been engaging in continuous research and has developed unique products.
  • http://www.sunstar.com/rd/story/soft-picks-advanced Our Mission to Maintain Healthy Mouths — Soft-Picks Advanced | Research & Development | Sunstar Global Website - Dental care manufacturers have been trying to make the perfect device to clean between teeth for years. After pioneering wire-free interdental brushes, Sunstar set its focus on developing a design that would make it easier to clean between difficult-to-reach back teeth.
  • http://www.sunstar.com/rd/story/penguin-indoor-seal Developing Sealants for Safer and Healthier Living Spaces — Penguin Indoor Sealant | Sunstar Global Website - Some building materials such as adhesives and sealants are known to contain chemicals such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds that cause health problems. Sunstar Engineering developed a line of sealing materials for buildings that do not contain these harmful compounds in order to transform buildings into safe and comfortable spaces for the wellbeing of people.
  • http://www.sunstar.com/rd/story/green-juice Green Juice to Revitalize the World — Green Juice | Research & Development | Sunstar Global Website - One of the causes of modern lifestyle-related diseases is an imbalanced diet from a lack of fruit and vegetable intake. To encourage busy people to rebalance their diet, Sunstar has developed and marketed Green Juice for the past 21 years. After countless improvements, Green Juice is a contribution to people's vegetable intake around the world.
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/mouth_body/gum G・U・M | Mouth & Body | Products | Sunstar Global Website - G·U·M® (Gentle Uletic Massage) is a comprehensive line of products that fight the bacteria behind periodontal disease
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/health_beauty/sunstar_tonic Sunstar Tonic | Health & Beauty | Products | Sunstar Global Website - Sunstar Tonic® Shampoo responds to the active lifestyle and scalp care needs of contemporary men
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/health_beauty/kenko_dojo KENKODOJO | Health & Beauty | Products | Sunstar Global Website - KENKODOJO® health foods and beverages help people rebalance their lives for better health
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/healthy_living_environment/penguinseal PENGUINSEAL | Healthy Living Environment | Products | Sunstar Global Website - Penguin® construction materials help provide a sound living environment in high-rise buildings as well as single-family homes
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/healthy_living_environment/star_penguin Star Penguin | Healthy Living Environment | Products | Sunstar Global Website - A healthy, safe indoor environment means a more pleasant life for you and your pets
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/safety_support_high_technology/braking BRAKING | Safety Support & High Technology | Products | Sunstar Global Website - BRAKING® is a trusted brand worldwide with superior functionality, design and reliability
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/safety_support_high_technology/sunstar SUNSTAR | Safety Support & High Technology | Products | Sunstar Global Website - Sunstar motorcycle components are created using extensive research and development and superior production quality
  • http://www.sunstar.com/products/safety_support_high_technology/ibike ibike | Safety Support & High Technology | Products | Sunstar Global Website - The innovative electrical assist unit is built upon technical excellence gained in the manufacture of motorcycle components

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  • Jonesy - Best odor destroyer I've tried

    I tried this product with not much hope due to the fact that all other products I've tried have been disappointing. However, this product surprised me. It worked the best out of all the other products I have ever tried including Natures Miracle and Bissel pet remover. That is not so say that all the odor and stain in completely gone, the only thing that can do that is replacing the item that has pee on it but I would recommend this for anyone frustrated with other products.

  • K.A.Shaw - A Break from those Study encyclopedias

    Really informative...Helped out a lot for my GRE prep. A nice break from using those over sized study guides filled with so much information one can become overwhelmed. This guide is straight to the point. Hits all the major keys and includes a practice test in the back. I was well prepared using this one guide.

  • S. Bynum - Great video

    We purchased this video after attending a concert - it was a great experience and the video is a great reminder, thanks CSN.

  • Lynxhd - Better than most, does the job!

    It's not perfect but better than most. I have to really maneuver it to get it into the grooves of my tile floor but at least I can do that to get it clean. I also LOVE the fact that I can take it off and wash it each time. I don't put it in the washer I just wash it by hand in super hot water and soap and let it air dry. Love it that I know I'm cleaning the floor with a clean mop each time. Could be a bit more full in terms of the mop head but it does the job and as I said, better than others I've used!