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  • M.Hamdeh - AMAZING product

    Ok so I tried EVERYTHING on the market and this is the best root lifter by far. Little goes a long way. I have waist length, layered, medium textured, European hair...if I don't use any product it's just too healthy and too flat. So to play things up a bit, I spray it at the root area and I just comb it through with my fingers. I don't want that stuff on the ends of my hair b/c it makes it puffy. Instead, I use biosilk or got 2b "smooth operator" lotion at the ends. Then I blow dry it until it's about 50-60% dry then I use a brush to brush it in the opposite direction and it reallllly makes a HUGE difference. Wha bam! It's ready to be styled or just leave it as is. Sally H. really makes amazing products, I'm a HUGE fan. Also check out my review for: 

  • C Lowe - Great Budget Friendly 4K Television

    Delivery took a week, but understandable with the prime day back up. Enhanced delivery was extremely convenient, and the the guys set the tv up exactly where I wanted it. The TV construction seems to be solid, and does not move around. The picture is great, much better than the Vizio that this TV replaced. While the up scaling doesn't do a WHOLE lot, it does make a difference. On the other hand, 4K content on Netflix has been amazing. The apps on the TV are snappy, I fortunately have not experienced any lag that other reviewers have pointed out.

  • D. Auffret - I got over 10 and all worked fine

    I have purchased this printer for a business, and they have worked fine. They were easy enough to setup, and had them working with our online POS in next to no time.

  • James A. Geiman - This one was recommended by quite a few users

    I wasn't sure about what clone software to get. This one was recommended by quite a few users. once I partitioned my drives this thing cloned my drive and installed my OS on the new (smaller SSD) when I restarted my computer (win8.1) it booted from the new crucial m500 SSD. and I was able to re-partition my original 2TB as a back up and keep a clone of my os on it.. I did not have one problem at all with this software. I highly recommend it

  • CChristianson - Can ONLY melt butter and chocolate! Wait for the next generation of PIC's.

    The Good - They look good. The Bad - The Nuwave PIC does NOT work as advertised. Its noisy but does NOT heat up.

  • Aisha Taylor - Not completely sold!!!!

    I bought this product after reading the amazing reviews... Ordered on Thursday, it arrives Friday when I treated my house. Left home for the weekend, came back on Sunday to vacuum and I still have fleas. Not as many, but I'm still getting but. I'm not sure how long it takes to work but it's definitely not instant as I've read. I'm hoping in a few days they'll all be dead... Maybe I'll treat once more and hope for the best! I'm not completely satisfied, but I will give it another shot. Funny thing it's not adults that are biting, it's the little babies. I thought this was supposed to prevent reproduction. Still confused!