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Swedbank Företagsförmedling - Köpa och sälja företag - Swedbank Företagsförmedling är specialister på försäljning av ägarledda företag och kommersiella fastigheter med ett försäljningspris på 10–100 miljoner.

Country:, Europe, SE

City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • SharpFocus Photo - Maybe Great, Maybe not,,

    This really good product and found it works down here in Florida with regards to Dried on caked on love-bugs. They will wipe right off with the little effort one uses to dust and leaves a great shine. Water beads off like the Rain X product and so the thin film of silicone seems to break the surface tension pretty well and aid in keeping the water off the painted surfaces so little to no spots). BUT

  • hona - Typical Rick!

    Great book. I used it while in Spain in March. The maps and information provided helpful information while on the go using my ipad.

  • R. Lickman - Really works!

    I had a bacterial infection for over a year that refused to respond to antibiotics, lancing and poultices. I started talking a teaspoon a night and within a week the infection was completely GONE. No kidding. It doesn't taste so good, so plug your nose when taking it. I plug my nose, hold it closed and eat a small bit of local honey.