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  • Richard - Great patches for stiff and painful muscles

    Have been using thes patches for years. Great for my low back pain and stiff neck pain. Directions say not to leave on more than 8 hours, but have forgot that it was on, until I took a bath 24 hours later. No problem. I put one on my lower back before bed time and next morning don't have the extreme stiffness. For the price, you can't beat them. Doesn't have that strong lintament smell. More of a evergreen smell. You don't even notice it. Would highly recommend.

  • Elizabeth Browning - Universal Mat for the Workplace and Beyond!

    I love this product. The first day that I used it at my workplace, I was noticably less fatigued after a 10 hour day on the computer in a busy medical practice, also NO HEADACHES!- and that could be the sole reason for purchasing this mat! However, I've found other uses, such as putting it under my shoulders

  • Kellyintenn - Spit in my candy dish? I'll show you...

    First, let me begin by saying I have always enjoyed getting on Amazon and reading the reviews of this product. They are the best laugh! They also gave me the best idea, ever.

  • Amazon Customer - if I had paid this same price for four new bras i would be a much happier (and prettier) girl sitting here today

    My husband bought me a Dinair after I had bought and thus tried, Luminous Air. I found that Luminous was going to cost $582 plus the required monthly make up gouging were astronomical so Dinair appeared to be a solution with their more than half price reduction.

  • Ed the Pilot - Its okay for an expensive limited device.

    The unit has a way too sensitive screen, It jumps around when touching it. Called Garmin customer support and they had no answer for this.

  • Mongo - Fantastic.

    For my birthday, my mom gave me this shirt to wear during the Annual Chili Cook-off in downtown. Usually I wear something sweetness like my Mongoose GT t-shirt, but my mom wanted me to dress up for the occasion. Let me tell you, while wearing this shirt we won 4th place in the Chili cook-off and my friend's aunt was all over me. I cant explain it. I told my guild about it and now we are all going to rock it during the next raid, like a boss.

  • bonnie - Love this!!

    It says organic, but it's not. ( has some chemicals; as seen in other reviews and the packaging itself.) However, that doesn't keep it from being wonderful. I have thinish, naturally wavy hair with a ton of natural volume. This conditioner not only smells great, but it makes my hair very soft (along with the matching shampoo). My hair gets oily after about 5 hours of using other products, but this makes my hair look and smell amazing. Love love love this! Plus I'm pretty sure it's cruelty and sulfate free! Love it!