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  • trsneezy - Nice product, but would'nt playback.

    I returned this product because although it arrived in excellent condition and was very easy to hook up to the TV, none of the videos would play for me. If it'll playback for you, it appears that you can literally watch 1000's of TV shows and movies. I don't know why it wouldn't work for me but I tried everything and none of the movies or TV shows that I selected would play, I'd select a video and it would try to run but would go back to the select screen every time so after a few hours of trying to get it to play, I gave up and sent it back. BUT, had it worked I would've loved it because the selection of shows and movies is amazing so I'm disappointed that I couldn't get it to work. I'm not computer savvy and I do think you have to be somewhat computer literate to get the most from this product.

  • Lloyd - Everything I was expecting and more!

    Loving using this product so far. I have an older car with an older stereo, and it's always been a pain to secure my phone when I would hook it up with auxiliary cords.

  • Slovia Gabay-crichton - Love this bag

    I bought this to take as my carry on and was amazed with all the stuff I was able to pack in this bag. I packed makeup, Wii game system, labtop etc and it all fit comfortably. I love the many functional compartments and pockets. I simply love this bag.

  • limey1217 - Great show with Billy Bob at his best and William Hurt eerily creepy!

    Billy Bob doing what he does best. Playing a flawed person with great sadness and great compassion behind his eyes. William Hurt is extraordinarily creepy as the Big Boss and nemesis of Billy Bob's character. The women in the show are a great bunch of characters. Kelly is just plain nasty. The troubled ex-wife, Maria Bello's character, who herself was a little too easy to manipulate by just about everyone. I loved the daughter of Thornton and Bello and I think she could have been examined a bit further. Great actress by the way. The ladies working mostly with Billy Bob are brilliant and each has their own storyline. Great show and I hope they do a season 2 as it is well worth binge watching for a couple of nights.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't upgrade to Windows 10. My wife has on ...

    Don't upgrade to Windows 10. My wife has on this machine and all I hear is about how slow Windows is. I don't use it though, because it is her "work" computer.

  • cmac_co - DuroStar DS4000S

    EXCELLENT!!! Great job DuroStar. I received my generator today, lifted it from the box (it does weigh every bit of 90+ lbs so becareful), removed four bolts and it was ready for fluids. I put the recommended 30 wt. oil in via a long skinny funnel (some said they had issues here but if you have a long skinny funnel you will have no issues at all)and did not spill a drop. I filled the gas tank up with gas, turned the gas lever to on, opened the choke, turned the switch to on and this bad boy fired right up! NO JOKE!! I was expecting it too be very loud but it was not so I was pleasantly surprised how well the muffler did. I let it run for a few seconds, closed the choke and allowed idle for 2 to 3 minutes. Connected my 30 amp RV adapter to the 30 amp plug, plugged my camper in and tested the following at the same time - 27" LCD TV, Jensen stereo with 6 speakers, fridge, lights, vent fan and microwave. . .the generator came alive a bit and powered everything as advertised. I am very pleased with my experience and feel confident that my family and I will camp in comfort now that we own a DuroStar!