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  • Phin W. Sappenfield - loved 'em; however

    It has proved ideal for my needs. Wanted to breath life back into my detached garage. Once completed inside I turned to the exterior and its severe peeling paint. Found no indication of lead paint using a test kit. Watched YouTube videos trying to deal with my situation ... loved 'em; however, I was please neither with the quality nor the speed of my efforts. I chose the DeWalt DWE4011 angle grinder because it was powerful, but not that powerful and not too heavy (I'm 73 and never was the man I use to be). I've had good success with 3M 4 1/2" clean-n-strip disc, #9681. Not too loud, but one doesn't want to forget a good quality mask and eye protection.

  • Lucas - Skeptics reciew

    At first I was pretty skeptical about a cognitive boosting supplement but I was encouraged to try it from someone I trust, and I could not be more impressed with this product! I work completely on an on call basis so I work anytime day or night. This obviously leads to concerns over rest cycling and alertiness. I decided to give this a try and used it to help me regulate my awake and rest times.

  • Christal - It works, don't believe people who say the "peeling" is fake!

    I bought this from the mall for significantly more even though I got a deal. I just purchased the 4 box set on here and it's the same product. (They sell wholesale on their site) Anywho I use this on my face, neck and now stomach due to darkening and stretch marks after pregnancy (as an experiment on my stomach). It does remove dirt, oil and dead skin. I am dark complexioned and can tell it's my skin from the stuff that falls off, also my skin is left squeaky clean afterwards. Another way I can tell it works is because less skin comes off after you start using it, so don't believe the wannabe at home scientists that say it isn't really peeling your skin off!

  • Lyn Richardson - Interesting to read more about the beginning of the Tudor ...

    Interesting to read more about the beginning of the Tudor Dynasty. Having just read a book on Queen Catherine with Owen as a secondary character, this book allowed me to find out more about Owen himself. I found I couldn't put it down.