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Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre - The Cabin Hong Kong - Effective and confidential after hours drug addiction counselling by qualified and highly skilled drug rehab specialists.

  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/services/ Addiction Treatment & Counselling in Hong Kong - The Cabin Hong Kong specializes in outpatient addiction treatment, both substance and process addictions, and employs its own unique addiction treatment method known as Recovery Zones.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/alcohol-rehab-centre/ Alcohol Rehab in Hong Kong - Alcoholism Treatment Centre - Effective and affordable alcohol rehab treatment by qualified and highly skilled alcohol addiction specialists in a confidential setting.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/drug-rehab-centre/ Drug Rehab Centre in Hong Kong - The Cabin Hong Kong - The Cabin Hong Kong treats all kinds of drug addictions. Effective and confidential after hours counselling by credentialed and highly skilled drug addiction specialists.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/cocaine-addiction-treatment/ Cocaine Rehab - The Cabin Hong Kong - Find effective and affordable treatment for cocaine addiction at The Cabin Hong Kong. We offer a thorough initial assessment to all prospective clients for free.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/heroin-addiction-treatment/ Heroin Addiction Treatment Hong Kong - The Cabin Hong Kong - Heroin in Hong Kong however recent reports is used by a range of different age groups and income brackets. It is purported that heroin is the city’s most popular illegal drug for residents who are over 21 years of age, and it makes up for about 78% of all drug use in this category.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/ketamine-addiction-treatment/ Ketamine Addiction Treatment Hong Kong - There have been a worryingly high number of ketamine arrests, overdoses and seizures in Hong Kong over the last few years, which suggests that there is an alarming increase in the use of the drug in the city – and in turn an increase in ketamine addiction.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/marijuana-addiction-treatment/ Marijuana Rehabilitation Centre - The Cabin Hong Kong - Find effective and affordable treatment for marijuana addiction at The Cabin Hong Kong. We offer a thorough initial assessment to all prospective clients for free.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/meth-addiction-treatment/ Meth Rehab - Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment - Find effective and affordable treatment for meth addiction at The Cabin Hong Kong. We offer a thorough initial assessment to all prospective clients for free.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/prescription-drug-addiction-treatment/ Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment - The Cabin Hong Kong - Prescription drug addiction has taken the world by storm, and Hong Kong is no different. Contact us today to have a no obligation assessment and see how we can help you.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/process-addiction-treatment/ Gambling, Internet, Sex and Food Addiction Treatment - Effective and confidential after hours counselling for for process addictions including gambling, internet and sex by highly skilled addiction rehab experts.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/food-addiction-treatment/ Food Addiction Treatment - The Cabin Hong Kong - Food addiction is receiving worldwide attention as concern over this newly-diagnosed addiction is taking root in people all over the world, including Hong Kong.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/gambling-addiction-treatment/ Gambling Addiction Treatment - The Cabin Hong Kong - What starts as a seemingly harmless pastime can for many become a destructive pattern of compulsive gambling and gambling addiction. However, gambling in Hong Kong isn’t limited to local high rollers or casinos and sporting events—“day trading” stocks, forex, and futures also fuel many gambling addictions.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/internet-addiction-treatment/ Internet Addiction Treatment - The Cabin Hong Kong - Addiction is a chronic disease of dependence on a substance or process (such as internet use) to achieve normal feelings of pleasure in the brain’s reward centres, and requires professional treatment and care to overcome that our recovery experts can provide.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/sex-addiction-treatment/ Sex Addiction Treatment - The Cabin Hong Kong - Sex addiction is most commonly described as a behavioural disorder in which a person has compulsive sexual thoughts and actions that, as with all addictions, progressively get worse over time. Contact us today to have a no obligation assessment and see how we can help you.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/co-treating-addiction-and-trauma-disorders/ Co-treating Addiction and Trauma Disorders at The Cabin Hong Kong - The Cabin Hong Kong strives to offer the best in integrative treatment by not only treating addiction but also addressing trauma disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) simultaneously to ensure the highest possible rate of success. This therapeutic co-treatment programme combines trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy , mindfulness meditation training, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing .
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/about-addiction/ Understanding Addiction - Addiction Treatment Types - Addiction is a disorder which causes malfunction of the brain’s reward circuits. Up to 60% of addiction sufferers have probably inherited the disorder genetically (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2010).
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/team/ Our Team - The Cabin Hong Kong - The Team at The Cabin Hong Kong is comprised of a highly skilled and credentialed team of addiction experts with years of experience treating the disease of addiction. Many of the staff are in recovery themselves so they understand first-hand the nature of the disease and how it is best treated. To learn more about our key staff, please follow the links below:
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/our-inpatient-centers/ Inpatient Addiction Rehab Centre in Hong Kong - Treatment for addiction usually occurs in either an inpatient centre, meaning the client attends a live-in, residential programme usually for a minimum of 28 days or an outpatient centre such as The Cabin Hong Kong
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/credentials/ Credentials - The Cabin Hong Kong - The Cabin Addiction Services Group’s various facilities have earned a world-wide reputation not only as leading addiction treatment centres, but also as forward-thinking places that offer a wealth of healing knowledge and useful resources regarding the treatment of addiction. The group is heavily involved in addiction research, attending and presenting at key conferences world-wide. The Cabin is also involved in supporting several non-profit and government efforts to combat addiction regionally through training and guidance and has received much high-profile press coverage, chiefly for its innovative and successful treatment programme. The reputation of the group allows it to recruit the best addiction treatment specialists from around the globe.
  • http://www.thecabinhongkong.com.hk/contact/ Contact Us - The Cabin Hong Kong - Unit C, 12th Floor, On Hing Building, No 1-9 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong. Tel : +852-3008-5841. Email :[email protected]

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