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Flood Damage, Water Damage, Carpet Cleaning, and Mold Removal in Toronto - The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. Flood damage in Toronto can be mitigated if you take immediate action. The Concord group helps with cleanup, repair, carpet cleaning, and mold removal.

  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/water-damage-toronto Water Damage Toronto | Flood Damage Toronto - The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. Water and flood damage in Toronto can be devastating if you do not take appropriate measures to contain cracks in the foundation or leaks in the roof. Call us 24/7!
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/home-renovations-toronto Home Renovations Toronto, GTA, & Area | The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. We work with kitchens, bathrooms, basements, roofing, flooring, windows and all other areas of your home or building.
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/mold-removal-toronto Mold Removal Toronto | Mold Remediation in Toronto – The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. Mold removal in Toronto can not only help you get rid of visible mold and all the sources of mold infestation, but also treat unseen mold hidden from the eye.
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/carpet-cleaning-toronto Carpet Cleaning Toronto | Deep Steam Cleaning of Carpets – The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. Carpet cleaning in Toronto will help you get rid of spots & stains formed from accidental spilling of coffee, wine, and even pet urine on your delicate fabrics.
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/about-us About Us | The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. The Concord Group has become a one-stop-shop for all your home and business needs. We began as a small family organization and although we have grown ten-fold throughout the years, we maintain our dedication to providing a friendly and courteous environment.
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/contact-us Contact Us | The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. Contact us 24/7. We have crews available to be at your door in 45 minutes.
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/home-maintenance-blog Home Maintenance Blog | The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. Read our tips & tricks on home maintenance that we have learned from over 30 years of experience.
  • http://www.theconcordgroup.ca/referral-program Let Us Flood Your Wallet | The Concord Group - Call us at 416-739-8777. It’s not very often that you get the opportunity to make extra money without any extra work. But, that’s exactly what The Concord Group is offering you.

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    I am so sorry that I "upgraded" from 2009!...which was fine. Having heard nothing but horror stories about these latest vertsions and being unable to download stock info etc, I finally took a chance and "UPgraded", or so they call it. My bank and credit card balances are totally screwed up. My bank acct, which I reconcile monthly, has not been "cleared" since June of 2013 and the balance, which I'd checked earlier today on my OLD and BETTER Quicken, is totally wrong. I have no idea how I am going to clean up the total mess this has caused. The last thing I will do is call this company for help. Unfortunately, the download process automatically deleted my 2009 Quicken, so now I'm stuck.