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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -121.9886 California, United States

  • SunshineGirl73 - Works like a charm

    Wow! on week 3 and still spider less! We sprayed this around the exterior of the lake house. Works like a charm! So happy!!!

  • Will - Not bad, not good

    I normally enjoy John Cusack movies and he's one of my favorite actors, but this movie was a disappointment. It was a good story but like most of the Hollywood movies these days, it seemed to rely too much upon the special effects. It was just too much special effects and not enough acting or plot.

  • giftgiver - Great bedtime story for fathers and sons!

    Love how every day activities are written from a superhero-like angle. I'd recommend this book to any kid who has a dad, or a grandpa or an uncle. For dads out there, this is inspiring!

  • Ray M. Boucher - Great Adjustable Hole Saw!!!

    I've used many different hole saws in the past, including some adjustable ones similar to this one (some of them did not adjust well and the treads usually came loose so did not keep the size of the hole consistent). I found this one to work extremely well, easy to adjust, held the adjustment solidly, and cut quickly. Used for cutting holes in sheet rock and plywood with ease (including 3/4" birch plywood which is pretty tough). Dust is also kept to a minimum with the shield, a big plus! All of it comes in a nice carry case.

  • candice madura - sparkle is amazing chips and peels really really bad

    Absolutely love the color and the sparkle to it, but it peels and chips really bad I have to re apply daily

  • [email protected] - first impressions are sometimes false

    I bought this CD a few days ago, listened to it and decided to take it back. "It's allright", I thought, but I couldn't understand why people considered it so groundbreaking. A few days later I thought I'd give it another try. Man, am I glad I did. What a revelation! I just bought "Mezzanine", and although it's quite different from "Blue Lines" and very dark, it too is a total masterpiece.