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united kingdom paruresis trust - A UK Charity dedicated to helping men and women for whom urinating in the presence or vicinity of other people, is difficult or impossible, and dealing with the problems this brings about. This anxiety based condition comes under the category of Social Phobia, and is known as Avoidant Paruresis, and also as Shy Bladder Syndrome.

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  • Carlos Mendez - When your skin needs a boost

    This mask is AMAZING! I have tried quite a few sheet masks but I have never had results like this before. The mask fits nicely on my face and doesn't slide off which is a plus! After wearing it for about 25 mins I took it off and looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize my own skin! My face was so glowy and bright, it looked like I was radiating light! These were of course just the immediate effects and they did wear off but it left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. I highly recommend these masks to anyone looking to get a boost of hydration and brightness to their skin.

  • Deborah Evenson - Skin has never been more flaky

    After using for 6 weeks, my skin has dry patches, is very flaky. The Crème de Serum does make the skin feel smoother, but the other products are a waste of money. The SPF used caused my skin to become dryer according to my dermatologist.

  • HeatherP - Great Cargo bag

    This is a very large Cargo bag, we used it when we moved and it helped a lot and could really hold more than expected. It is easy to fold up and store as well. This stayes secure on top of the vehicle, I have a van and it worked great with that style vehicle. This is a great bag for travel as it would keep more room in the vehicle! This is easy access to get into when needed on the road. I highly recommend this bag to anyone that needs a cargo bag! I did receive a discount on this item for my honest and unbiased review. #CargoBag


    This is very good for preventing urinary tract infections in senior ladies. But I realize that it's not a medicine for curing such infections.