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UNC Children's Hospital - Chapel Hill, NC - When your child needs care, turn to the medical experts at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC, for compassionate and exemplary health care.

  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/ UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill, NC - When you need a hospital, rely on UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, NC, to provide you and your family with the latest advances in health care.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/unc-childrens/care-treatment/ UNC Children's Hospital, Pediatrics | UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Children's offers inpatient and outpatient care at our state-of-the-art clinical home, N.C. Children's Hospital. Call 919-966-4131 for appointments.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/unc-childrens/about-us/ About UNC Children's | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Children’s upholds a four-tiered mission to CARE, aligning world-class clinical care, advocacy, research, and education to safeguard the health of children in North Carolina and far beyond.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/unc-childrens/support/ Support UNC Children's | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - Learn how you can help provide the best medical care to North Carolina's children!
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/make-an-appointment/ Make an Appointment | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Medical Center offers multiple resources for you to find the right doctor for your needs and make appointments
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/professional-education-services/refer-a-patient/ Refer a Patient - Referring providers can find fast, efficient, professional support to access quality care and services for their patients at UNC Medical Center.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/billing/ Billing & Financial Assistance|UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - Pay your UNC Hospitals and UNC Faculty Physician bills online, by mail, by phone or in person. Financial counseling and financial assistance programs are described for those seeking charity care and general information on how to pay a bill.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/unc-medical-center/unc-childrens/patients-family/our-facilities/ Our Facilities | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - The facilities and amenities of UNC Children's add to the comfort of patients and families during their stay.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/unc-medical-center/patients-visitors/ Patients & Visitors | UNC Hospitals, Medical Center- Chapel Hill, NC - Explore a variety of resources dedicated to helping you prepare for your stay at UNC Medical Center.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/unc-medical-center/unc-childrens/about-us/patient-family-centered-care/ Patient- & Family-Centered Care | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Children's bases its care on the values of dignity and respect, collaboration, sharing, and participation.
  • http://www.uncchildrens.org/unc-medical-center/unc-childrens/support/ways-to-give/volunteer/ Volunteer | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - Learn how to volunteer your services to UNC Children's. Call today to find out how.

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    I have purchased a couple of these for myself as well as 1 for a gift and plan on additional purchases as gifts going into the holidays. Suggest purchasing the "testers" for personal use to save a little money if you don't care about the top (or save the top from one of your bottles to reuse) or gift canister. Not the best as far as "longevity" with regard to the sent lasting but for the cost a good product.

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    Disclaimer: I'm marking this as 5 stars, but haven't used the vitamins. I just wanted to put a quick FYI on here that there is saw palmetto in this--I should have read the ingredients list more carefully before purchasing--which can negatively interact with some contraceptives, i.e., birth control pill. Since I'm on the pill and don't want to take a chance in rendering it ineffective, I'm not going to be taking these vitamins, but have a friend of mine who is interested in trying them out, so I'll give to her and have her update me on her take on them after she starts using them.

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