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  • http://www.univadis.dk/medical-news/596/Displacement-following-disaster-may-be-a-risk-factor-for-dementia Displacement following disaster may be a risk factor for dementia - Older people who are uprooted form their homes following a disaster are at a higher risk of dementia.
  • http://www.univadis.dk/medical-news/596/Obesity-experts-call-for-radical-policy-change Obesity: experts call for radical policy change - Governments should ditch their obsession with calories and instead focus on restoring the correct balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • http://www.univadis.dk/medical-news/596/Pioneering-in-utero-procedure-successfully-removes-foetal-heart-tumour Pioneering in-utero procedure successfully removes foetal heart tumour - The groundbreaking operation was performed at 24 weeks gestation, with resumption of gestation until delivery at 37 weeks.
  • http://www.univadis.dk/medical-news/596/WMA-warns-health-sector-is-a-prime-target-for-cyber-crime WMA warns health sector is a prime target for cyber crime - The World Medical Association is warning that devices used for online health monitoring and remote care could become gateways for criminals.
  • http://www.univadis.dk/medical-news/596/Gender-divide-evident-in-Health-of-Europe-report Gender divide evident in Health of Europe report - Men are more likely to smoke while women are more likely to suffer from headaches, according to new data.
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  • http://www.univadis.dk/just-published/19/Uncontrolled-persistent-asthma-CXCR2-antagonist-did-not-reduce-the-exacerbations-rates Uncontrolled persistent asthma: CXCR2 antagonist did not reduce the exacerbations rates - CXCR2 antagonists might be useful in patients associated with ongoing exposure-induced stimulation of neutrophil
  • http://www.univadis.dk/just-published/73/Critical-illness-low-probability-of-hydroxyethyl-starch-being-cost-effective-for-fluid-resuscitation Critical illness: low probability of hydroxyethyl starch being cost effective for fluid resuscitation - Results of CHEST study shows no difference in longer term clinical outcome between patients resuscitated with hydroxyethyl starch or saline in ICU
  • http://www.univadis.dk/just-published/22/Stroke-Mechanical-thrombectomy-is-better-than-standard-care-alone Stroke: Mechanical thrombectomy is better than standard care alone - Mechanical thrombectomy combined with standard intravenous thrombolysis improves functional independence
  • http://www.univadis.dk/just-published/19/All-cause-mortality-decrease-in-Spain-during-economic-crisis All-cause mortality decrease in Spain during economic crisis - The study analyzed mortality trends in Spain before and during the economic crisis across various socioeconomic groups
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  • http://www.univadis.dk/conference-reports/10/Achieving-SVR-via-direct-acting-antiviral-therapy-relieves-portal-hypertension-among-patients-co-infected-with-HIV-and-HCV-UEG Achieving SVR via direct-acting antiviral therapy relieves portal hypertension among patients co-infected with HIV and HCV | UEG - Liver stiffness and portal hypertension both declined in HIV and HCV co-infected patients successfully treated with direct-acting antiviral therapy.
  • http://www.univadis.dk/conference-reports/10/Drosophila-study-hints-at-diet-based-treatment-for-NGLY1-deficiency-ASHG Drosophila study hints at diet-based treatment for NGLY1 deficiency | ASHG - NGLY1 is remarkably consistent across species, and the Drosophila analog Pngl is thought to play a similar, equally critical role in flies.
  • http://www.univadis.dk/conference-reports/10/Parents-of-children-with-cancer-value-sequencing-results-even-if-non-actionable-ASHG Parents of children with cancer value sequencing results, even if non-actionable | ASHG - All participating families received a germline report, which described the genomes of the child and both parents, including information on genes associated with disease.
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  • J. Light - CALM NOW

    These capsules are easy to take with no bad smell or aftertaste. There are 60 capules in a bottle, the suggested dosage is 2 capsules with food everyday so this is a one month supply. It's important to know that St. John's Wort is an ingredient in this blend so if you take antidepressants, you need to be careful and/or check with your doctor. Obviously, supplements do work differently for every one. I am still in the early stages of taking these and I haven't felt a big difference yet, but it may take awhile. The ingredients are:

  • Maile Clark - nice ride but not very durable...especially for the price.

    While we've been very pleased with this stroller while using it, the durability is an issue. We have had the stroller for ~3 years, never taken it on a plane and the frame sheared in two. Customer service was very nice but said there is nothing they can do and thus we will have to throw this stroller away which doesn't seem right given the price they charge.

  • Thomas Lopez - Looks freaking awesome!!

    The punch outs for the passenger side fog light was a little off but, nothing this retired carpenter couldn't handle. Sprayed with a wrinkle finish. Looks freaking awesome!!!

  • Amber and Bill - Easy to use. See your trail cam pics right away!

    plug in and you can view your pictures right away. There are no real instructions but if I can figure out how to make a folder and move them to your gallery I think most anyone can!

  • Fr. Charles Erlandson - Up to Date Philosophy of and Advanced Primer on Finding a Job

    "What Color is Your Parachute?" has become an American institution. This edition marks the 40th anniversary of the book's first publication, and the book has now sold more than 10 million copies. While I don't usually review books like "What Color is Your Parachute?" I find that it's such a unique and useful book on finding a job that it's worth encouraging people to read it.