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  • Mike - Fail

    Works just like any other trim dressing... looks good for a few days then it's back to faded. The UV exposure from the sun physically changes the molecules in the plastic trim. An oil on the surface is not going to fix the plastic on a molecule level. The only solution is to paint or replace. Heating the plastic with a heat gun also helps, but is time consuming and mistakes can happen easily.

  • Curtis G. Edwards - Love it!

    My wife isn't convinced yet, but I am sure she will come around. I love how 4Moms actually thinks about the baby, but also designs something that is appealing to the eyes. It is baby furniture, but you don't mind putting it right out in front for all to see. Operates as advertised! No complaints or regrets!

  • kmh93 - great bag

    Husband loves it. He's a professor and it carries all his stuff and computer. It keeps its shape when carrying from the handle.

  • Riddles - Did nothing for my daughter's skin

    I really had high hopes for this vitamin for my daughter's skin, especially with all the glowing reviews. But after going through two full bottles, we have not seen any change in my daughter's skin. I know nothing works for everyone, but we are disappointed, as the ingredients seemed good and useful for clearing skin.