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  • DebraJ - It seems to have dissolved my scar tissue.

    I had thought I had tried every supplement on the planet. One night, however, I did a google search of "dissolving cyst" and this enzyme came up for me. I had never heard of it in the 4 or 5 years I had been doing a google search. Anyway, I took the product the first day and expect nothing to happen because nothing ever happens when I take supplements. The next day, however, I was at work and noticed the cyst was not protruding like it normally does. I began to wonder what had happened. I remember I took this product. Even though I am taking bunch of supplements now, including DMAE, the cyst started to reduce only after I decided to take this product last Saturday. Today is Wednesday and, though the cyst is still there (under the skin) it is not as noticeable as before. I am going to keep taking the product.

  • marsh casty - hair loss shampoo

    I was so excited to find the website for this natural product and I stared using it right away but I was very disappointed because it made my so dry I had to stop using it. It was very expensive.

  • shannontk - Bio Oil Is Fab!!!

    Am a new believer and fan of Bio Oil! It honestly is amazing and has already made my facial skin and neck, etc., much smoother and more evenly colored. Slight scarring, from old acne, has tremendously improved and I only wish that I had begun to use it year's ago. I also use the Bio Oil, on my arm's, chest, pretty much all over. I will never stop using it and love the scent. It does not irritate my sensitive skin. Having used many over-price skincare creams, with minimal success, I have seen much more improvement (and faster) using Bio Oil and Mederma Intensive Overnight Cream. Both products absolutely compliment each other. So glad that I purchased!

  • Myth Man - Rock N' Roll Litigation At Its Best -- You Gotta Love This One! Spell-binding Performances by ALL Actors.

    As a lawyer and retired judge, I can speak with some authority that the writers of Goliath have spun a great story supported by "real life" legal realities. I particularly enjoyed the episode where the main character gives "deposition tips" to an expert witness. It made me smile because it was "so true." This series is exquisitely entertaining, the characters are well-crafted, believable, and immensely genuine. Billy Bob Thornton gives us the best acting performance of his career, no small feat considering his past successes. He demonstrates the kind of lawyer we judges would simultaneously fear and admire, the ones who push the system to its limits but do so with an unerring determination to discover the truth of the matter regardless of personal consequences. The characters are complex, difficult, messy and heroic. This is signified by superb screen-writing and acting, and anyone with experience in the world of the hard-core litigation will recognize the characters. These characters are drawn from real-life. The language may surprise some, but the fact is, this is actually not too far off the mark in how lawyers talk -- rough, coarse and bold. Hopefully they keep the same actors and writers driving this project forward into future seasons. Each one of the actors is spot-on. In over 40 years of litigation, I have met every one of these characters!! Somebody on the inside of the litigation game is writing or reviewing the script.

  • Blizz - One Star

    What are the ingredients...I can't see them online. Sulfur or sulfate makes hair fall off...does your shampoo have that?

  • Mike - It fit into the cargo area of my 2011 GMC Terrain perfectly and was extremely easy to install

    The product was delivered sooner than expected. The item was sent as indicated by the product description. It fit into the cargo area of my 2011 GMC Terrain perfectly and was extremely easy to install. I would recommend this item. Thank you.