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  • Maya - Top Quality Infuser Bottle - I love it!

    This is a nice fruit infuser insulated water bottle. I have tried several different fruit infuser water bottles, and this one, by far, is the best one I've tried. First of all, I love the design. It's made of really solid plastic, and the cap has a metal safety latch, which is nice for keeping the bottle securely closed. The lid fits securely over the bottle and the infuser goes smoothly inside the bottle. In order to get the infuser out of the bottle, I lift the two areas that are exposed on either side. On the outside of the bottle is a large, soft silicone grip which allows a firm grip. The two things I love most is that the bottle actually has directions! The other favorite thing is the removable fruit infuser basket. You can remove it and use the bottle for plain water. It helps if you muddle the fruit a little to release more flavor after you put it into the fruit basket. Place the bottle in the drudge overnight after you place the fruit in the basket and fill the bottle with water. This allows the fruit to fully infuse into the water, giving you the best taste possible. It really does flavor water well. It's also fun and easy to use. The bottle comes completely apart so it can be hand washed. Do not wash it in the dishwasher because it can weaken the plastic. The mouthpiece is very wide allowing a sufficient amount of infused water to come out.

  • M. Stitt - Useless

    I don't know. So far it is useless for any resistance. The thighs do not spread enough, unless you are doing splits. I may hook it up to something else if I don't through it out.

  • Bruce Maier - ... owner of " Born This Way " I have loved her since she burst on the scene

    Big Gaga fan and owner of " Born This Way " I have loved her since she burst on the scene. One of the most talented female vocalists in the world today and....this married grandpa thinks she's a Babe ! lol

  • Jenna Okeefe - Really helped

    Daughter was losing weight from breast feeding and we learned she has a sensitivity to lactose. Made her completely miserable. The doctor gave us a sample of the alimentum and with in a day or two we saw such a difference. She was having really bad gas before and was so uncomfortable. It does stink (as others have stated) but when it makes your little one happy I'll take the nasty cheese smell. It worked wonders for our little one.

  • Holly S. - Works like a crazy freakin' MIRACLE!!!

    My 15 year old daughter has struggled with bad acne for several years. Nothing has worked, no creams, lotions, washes, ointments, nothing. Our doctor even prescribed antibiotics and 10% benzoyl peroxide, with minimal results which were very temporary. We got online one day and started researching and found the Acne.org program. Excellent reviews, so we ordered it. This has been a face saver for my beautiful girl, a self image restorer, and a huge blessing. She's been on the program for three months and, while she's still having some minor breakouts (which I've read is normal), her acne has cleared up dramatically! Before using these products, she had bad dark patches and scars that made her look broken out even when she wasn't. These are almost completely gone! Her skin has a much better color tone to it, the pock marks seem to be filling back in, and she looks great! I recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone struggling with acne.

  • C. Peterson - Best Smackdown Vs Raw game in the series!

    This game is excellent, it's way better than any other Smackdown Vs Raw game ever made, the possibilities are crazy!! There's so much you can do in this game that was impossible in the other games. It has a great amount of superstars past and present, and a big + is The Rock and Austin being in the game.

  • RENEE - Highly Recommended

    Just finished the 21 days. I feel GREAT!! Lost about 9 pounds. Feel really good. More energy and definitely healthier. I am planning on continuing with the program on my own and maintaining the recommended diet plan. I introduced chicken and fish on day 11 as recommended. I'm not eating any red meat or any processed foods. It makes an amazing difference. After two weeks I could feel ra difference in my skin, especially my face. I'm sure it has to do with not only the healthy diet, but all of the water that I'm drinking. I highly recommend this product. Remember to drink a lot of water. Thank you for my life change!!