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  • Tim King - Rohr at his best! Inspirational and informative

    Rohr at his best! Inspirational and informative. If you haven't read Rohr before, start with this book. If he is a long time favorite... this isn't one to miss!

  • Gwen - Sacrifice

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Jarek Sen Claron is the War Master, a Preor warrior and Dragon shifter. He is escorting some other Preor males to Earth to meet with the Ujal, who are assisting the Preor find human mates. Jarek gave up hope of having a mate and a family a long time ago, he is 457 cycles old. Things go left at the meeting when Jarek experiences the Knowing. It's an instant download of the mating bond and other fun facts and super intense and painful to be separated from your mate. His mate is very close to the Ujal royal family and human. Then things get even crazier as a fight breaks out and Jarek is injured. After knowing the extent of his injuries Jarek feels inadequate of mating his human, Melissa. Melissa is the nanny to Prince Tav and principessa Rina. She is Erun''s sister in law and is on a mission to right the wrongs committed by her brother. She is not immediately accepting of Jarek'Sen claiming of her, she is extremely resistant. There's more fighting on the horizon yet in the meantime Jarek and Melissa are able to connect and grow closer and not only because of the Knowing.

  • Kristopher W. Bailey - I prefer the classic version. The instructions are vague ...

    I prefer the classic version. The instructions are vague and confusing for many and I spent much time online trying to understand the new rules with fire and ice. With this version, you are forced to make up your own rules on many points (e.g. can fire be put on top of ice). You always have the feeling that you're not playing it as it's supposed to be played. Fire and ice were supposed to be exciting new additions, but really only lead to confusion.

  • Cindy - Ehhh...

    Did not really get a chance to read, got too involved in school work. So who knows if this was a bad or outstanding book, so kept in the middle.

  • Music Man - this is one I recommend for the road

    an immediate like....drum intro intense and captivating, sets the mood for a pure musical experience in whatever vehicle you choose for travel

  • Jennifer - Pathetic. Don't let the wireless fool you

    It's 2016, why would they have wires? Pathetic. Don't let the wireless fool you, the speakers are ran on wires and they aren't very loud. Embarrassing that they even sell speakers with wires anymore.

  • SStedman - Measuring the four treatments out can be annoying

    This box comes with a 4 month supply, but be warned all four months are in the same box and the method for measuring is trying to match the amount in the box with a marker on the outside of the box. It's not hard, just annoying, because who wants to stand in the bathroom looking in a a dark box (the pour spout doesn't provide a lot of light) to see it the level is correct for each treatment. We used to use the single month treatments, but these stopped being offered through subscription, so we switched to this option. I was hoping it would be four pre-measured treatments separated in one box, but that was wishful thinking. We will now be trying the Rid-X single packs going forward and hopefully this is a better solution.