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Visit - plus Tourism and travels - Information about countries and cities for tourists. Description and location of the most interesting attractions, places to visit, sites, hotels. Visitors travel stories. Visit-plus travel guides.

  • http://www.visit-plus.com/taxonomy/term/94 Countries | Visit - plus Tourism and travels - The most popular tourist destination of the world. Countries, cities, attractions. Places for a summer holiday.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/forum Travel forums | Visit - plus Tourism and travels - Travel Forum: ask your travel question here and get an answer from and community of travelers in our VISIT-PLUS forum. You can ask questions, give trip advices and tell about own travels.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/moscow Moscow tourist information - Moscow is the most famous city of Russia. Information about Moscow for tourists. Attractions, museums, theaters and places to visit in Moscow. Moscow online travel guide.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/saint_petersburg Saint Petersburg - tourist information - Saint Petersburg is one of the world's most beautiful cities. St. Petersburg travel and events guide. Information about attractions, museums, theaters, public transportation for tourists.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/vyborg Vyborg | Tourist information - Vyborg is a small city located near St. Petersburg. A medieval knight's castle is the main attraction of the city. Information for tourists.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/sochi Sochi | Visit - plus Tourism and travels - Sochi is worldwide known city on Black Sea coast of Russia. It is popular resort.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/booking_hotel Hotel reservation service | Visit - plus Tourism and travels - Information for travelers about booking rooms in hotels and hostels. How to find and book the best hotel at a good price. Guide.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/node/5825 Russian tourists are returning to Turkey | News - Russian tourists are returning to Turkey. June 30, Russian President Putin signed a decree which lifted the ban on charter flights and package tours sale into Turkey.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/turkey Turkey | Tourist information - Turkey is popular tourist destination. Mediterranean climate, warm sea, large number of historical attractions, safety, good service and low prices attracts tourists in Turkey. Information about Turkey for tourists.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/fi/node/5827 Venäläiset matkailijat palaavat Turkkiin | Uutiset - Venäläiset matkailijat palaavat Turkkiin. Venäjän presidentti Vladimir Putin nosti kielto lentojen järjestämisestä ja matkojen myynnistä Turkkiin.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/ru/node/5826 Российские туристы возвращаются в Турцию | Новости - Российские туристы возвращаются в Турцию. 30 июня президент России Путин подписал указ, который снял запрет на организацию чартерных перевозок и продажу туров в Турцию.
  • http://www.visit-plus.com/node/5818 St. Petersburg wants to attract more tourists from China | News from Russia - St. Petersburg wants to attract more tourists from China. The city administration will make the city more comfortable for foreign tourists.

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