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  • http://www.vitamind3world.com/VitaminD_dose_correct_needed.html Vitamin D3 Supplements | Vitamin D3 5000 IU - Vitamin D3 - Are you getting your daily dose of Vitamin D3 5000 IU? Vitamin D3 World is your best source for Vitamin D3 supplements and information about health.
  • http://www.vitamind3world.com/vitamin-d-may-improve-asthma-control.html Vitamin D may improve asthma - Summary of the data on vitamin D deficiency in asthma and the benefit of vitamin D supplements in reducing the number of asthma attacks
  • http://www.vitamind3world.com/VitaminD_cuts_relapses_multiple_sclerosis.html Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis - explains the connection between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis, iits prevention and treatment
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  • http://www.vitamind3world.com/Frequenty_asked_questions.html Frequently Asked Questions - information about the vitamin D3 microtablet, where it is manufactured, list of ingredients,suitable for vegetarians
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