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  • D.B. Lewis - Buy two. I did.

    I have two of these, one for work, one for home. Have no need for competing products because they work well and are low cost.

  • ChrisM - Great product! all bulbs fit well and reverse lights ...

    Great product! all bulbs fit well and reverse lights really make a difference! Its only been a week - so far, great!

  • Amazon Customer - I just don't know how they've done it?

    the battery pack is compact & light, you can easily slip in your pocket or your bag. the LCD display is also a nice touch,that way you don't have to guess whether you have 1% or 25% of power left(like the others with only LED lights) I'm not so sure about the ten charges 'cause I only got six & half of my moto nexus 6(maybe it's due to the fact that I have a larger battery?) It's LCD display also comes with the feature that tells you whether your device is charging 1A or 2.1A which is really neat! I especially like the sleek design with the two flashlights, it does come handy when you need them. I try to charge 3 devices at the same time and it all work-out just fine. Believe me for the price you really can't get it anywhere, I just don't know how they've done it?

  • Amazon Customer - Sulfur burps and terrible bowel explosions

    I took one packet of this product and have suffered the consequences for three days now. The taste wasn't terrible. It definitely didn't taste like berry, but it sort of tasted like spinach, which I didn't mind. I had a stomach bug a few weeks ago though, and I would have sworn I had it again if it weren't for my lack of a fever. I don't know whether this product reacted poorly with medications I've been prescribed for years now, or if it reacted with something I ate, but I've either been sitting on the john or profusely burping rancid, sulfuric burps that disgust even myself. My stomach has also been making these terrible gurgling noises whenever I eat. I fear what's going on in there, and I highly doubt that "detoxifying" should cause this much gut pain.This is the most expensive way to ensure 3+ days of physical misery and public embarrassment. Beware!

  • The Wise Old Owl - A Must Read For Every American Citizen

    A must read for all to find out why we are in the shape we are today. This factual book tells the centuries long plan, by the free Masons/illuminati/New World Order to Control us with a one world government under socialism. It's a sad story of how we slept while this went on behind our backs. If things do not change at the 2016 election we are finished.

  • Linda R. Martin - Didn't Work Well for Me

    I had high hopes for this prodict but it just made my pores more visible and didn't do a good job covering the red. I had to wash my face and start over. I wouldn't recommend this product.