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Homepage - Vivinalgos - Worldwide, over 80 million babies have consumed our Vivinal® GOS since its introduction in 1999.

  • https://www.vivinalgos.com/en/products/ Domo is the market leader in galacto-oligosaccharides - Vivinal® GOS is rich in non-digestible galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), produced from high quality lactose using a proprietary production technology.
  • https://www.vivinalgos.com/en/our-strenghts/ Our track record - Vivinalgos - Since its introduction in 1999, more than 80 million babies worldwide have been nourished with infant formula containing Vivinal® GOS.

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  • Alto_Girl - Glass stove top is like new again!!

    I've heard of Shaklee from.my mom's generation but never ave it a second thought. Then when we moved into our new home the builder gave us a glass top cleaner for our kitchen stove. I tried it and it didn't work well. Thought maybe it was user error. Called the customer service number on the bottle and i was using it properly.

  • Jamie Jones - Gets the job done!

    This waterproof case is awesome! I do a lot fieldwork in lakes and streams and it is important that I have my phone on me while working in remote areas. I'm always worried that I'll drop my phone in the water and it will be toast! Not anymore!! I have an iPhone 6S Plus with a case on it and it still fits into the waterproof bag. It's a little snug but the phone is totally accessible and I can even still take photos. I don't think this would fit if you had a larger bulky case on your phone but its easy to snap those off and place your phone in the bag so it does not get wet. This case does a wonderful job at keeping my phone dry even in the worst of conditions outside. I have dropped my phone in the water with this case on and did exactly what it was supposed to do and kept my phone dry. I would 100% recommend this case to others!

  • Alegra - Unbelievable!! Buy With Absolute Confidence!

    I bought this bc it was on sale for only $60 at Lord & Taylor. I figured Id return it bc i never ever thought it would do a thing..OMG was I wrong! Its is absolutly unbelievable! It has cleared up my acne, shrunk my pores and made my face very bright and fresh looking. I am addicted! It even has made my neck and slight turkey chin vanish.. & Ive only been using it for not even a week !

  • Johnny Chen - The characters really suck you in

    First book I have ever posted a review for. The characters really suck you in. One of the most beautiful styles I have ever read. Can't wait for the next book and I really don't want this series to end.

  • Noah Hefner - a well priced entry into Destiny for new players

    If you are new to Destiny you may be looking to purchase “Destiny the Collection”. It includes all of the necessary content to play Destiny as of September 20, 2016. Within the game is The Dark Below DLC, House of Wolves DLC, Taken King expansion, and Rise of Iron expansion. Bungie has worked hard with each expansion to make the game what it was meant to be. The current Meta is well balanced; players are able to use their preferred setup and still be effective. The collection is meant to give new players a $60 entry point into Destiny; this is well-priced for new players. Those who already own up to The Taken King on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 have the majority of the content included and should only purchase the Rise of Iron expansion for their respective console.

  • Robert Wickman - "...well, why wouldn't you go for greatness?"

    It has been ten years since I first picked it up Good to Great and, as expected, it is as valuable today as it was then. If you read it a while back and liked it, perhaps it is time to re-read it with fresh eyes and a decade of experience on your resume. There's so many fascinating discoveries in this book that anyone will find a few golden nuggets.

  • xgabeadx - Pretty good garden lighting!

    These lights are great quality. They have a nice nickle finish. The only down fall is the clear parts are plastic and the little stakes that go in the ground can be flimsy so be careful when pushing them into the ground. The lights have batteries that are charged via solar energy and could be replaced when they eventually wear out. They look nice and sleek and the lights are bright.