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  • audioman - Ringo's Best All Star Band to date

    I attended the Bethel Woods, NY concert Ringo did earlier on this tour. It was the same set list and line-up (except for Joe Walshs' appearance). The band is spot on. The choice of songs and pacing keep things moving right along. It was a great show. This DVD captures it perfectly. All of the performances are worth seeing, no real let downs. Everyone is top vocal and musical shape. Ringo has put together his best all star show to date.

  • Brian - Fast modem, terrible wireless router

    First off, I am not new to routers or technology but this thing is difficult to set up. The settings menu is not intuitive and is quite confusing.

  • AnneFrank - It's Soy Good

    Used this product with satisfactory results. Followed instructions for the first three weeks and did not die of hunger, have fainting spells, or drool over food commercials (okay, maybe a few.) The first week consists of three drinks a day at meal time. In less than one hour, one feels full. Other than drinking some juices and 4-6 glasses of water, no other sustenance is necessary. I am an active person requiring much energy. On my feet a minimum of twelve hours a day. Almased kept me primed and moving. Check the sugar contents on a variety of milks like coconut, almond, soy, and low fat dairy before choosing a base. The most satisfying milk I found to be organic vanilla soy. Soy seems thicker than almond or coconut and produces a richer/heavier drink. Tastes like a treat, not a punishment. Months later I still have at least one Almased drink per day instead of a meal. It is particularly beneficial in taming after 7 p.m. cravings.And an excellent commuter breakfast. (DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO ADD ICE CREAM!)

  • marilyn waldron - rip off

    This Is not the same Arthri that I ordered from t.v. ad. Not the same color and did not work for me like the original arthri D.

  • EvMama - Great for sleep, thinking clarity, and more!

    Great flavor, easy to take. Add to night time tea before bed. Can make bowels loose, read back well. I do not use as much as they recommend. Magnesium is critical to almost all functions in your body, and -ate ending forms are absorbed readily. Thinking is clearer during day, helps one sleep well and fall asleep faster at night.

  • bythecshore - Innovative but expensive

    Great stuff but very expensive. I hesitate to use it because of its cost, which is around $2.50 for a little package roughly the size of a restaurant ketchup pack.