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Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital San Diego | VSHSD - Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH) is a veterinary specialty and emergency hospital that provides an array of high-quality services and critical care to pets in San Diego.

  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/emergency Emergency Veterinary Care and Services San Diego | VSHSD - We offer high-quality emergency veterinary care and services in San Diego & North County, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to treat the urgent needs of your pets.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/about Specialty Pet Care in San Diego and North County | VSHSD - VSH provides high-quality specialty care for pets in San Diego and North County. Learn more about our commitment to comprehensive, compassionate medical care.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/about/mission-and-value Veterinary Specialty Center in San Diego and North County \| Mission & Values | VSHSD - Read about VSH's mission and values that we uphold at our veterinary specialty center. We emphasize excellence, expertise, integrity, caring and communication.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/about/about-vsh Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego County \| About VSH | VSHSD - Learn about our veterinary specialty hospital! VSH provides a wide range of specialty, emergency and critical care in San Diego and North County – find out more.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/about/careers Careers | VSHSD - Veterinary Specialty Hospital has a variety of opportunities for veterinarians, technicians, support and administrative staff.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/about/contact Veterinary Specialty Hospital - Contact | VSHSD - Veterinary Specialty Hospital has two locations to serve you: one in San Diego, and one in North County.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties Specialty Veterinary Services and Care in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH offers a wide range of specialty veterinary services and care, from a number of highly-skilled, nationally-renowned specialists. Learn about our specialty areas!
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/anesthesia-and-pain-management Pet Anesthesia and Pain Management in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH's state-of-the-art pet anesthesia and pain management services are administered by our experienced anesthesiologists for comprehensive, compassionate care.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/critical-care-and-emergency Emergency Pet Care Services in San Diego & North County \| VSH | VSHSD - Our emergency pet care services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, with a state-of-the-art intensive care unit and a highly-experienced medical staff.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/dentistry Veterinary Dental Services for Dogs or Cats in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH offers an array of specialized veterinary dental services in San Diego & North County, including endodontics, orthodontics and oral surgery.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/dermatology Veterinary (Pet) Dermatology Services in San Diego and North County | VSHSD - Looking for high-quality veterinary dermatology services? VSH provides intradermal skin testing, laser therapy, therapeutic bathing and more – make an appointment!
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/imaging Veterinary Imaging and MRI Diagnostics in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH offers state-of-the-art veterinary imaging and MRI diagnostics at our locations in San Diego & North County – call us to learn more about our imaging services.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/internal-medicine Veterinary Internal Medicine for Dog/Cats in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH has a well-staffed veterinary internal medicine department that diagnoses and treats an array of diseases. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our care!
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/laboratory Laboratory | VSHSD - STAT Veterinary Lab is a full-service veterinary diagnostics laboratory providing unquestioned reliability with rapid turnaround time on tests. We are a
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/neurology-and-neurosurgery Veterinary Neurology/Neurosurgery Services in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH offers an array of veterinary neurology and neurosurgery services to manage brain, spinal cord and neuromuscular system disorders – call to learn more.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/oncology Veterinary Oncology - Cat/Dog Cancer Treatment San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH offers expert veterinary oncology treatment for cats and dogs in San Diego & North County – schedule an appointment to learn about our compassionate care.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/ophthalmology Veterinary Cat/Dog Ophthalmology Services in San Diego and North County | VSHSD - VSH offers a variety of veterinary ophthalmology services for dogs and cats that require the care of an eye specialist – we treat cataracts, eye infections and more.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/specialties/surgery Veterinary Dog and Cat Surgery/Surgeons in San Diego & North County | VSHSD - VSH offers state-of-the-art veterinary surgery for dogs and cats, including orthopedic procedures and more – pets will be treated by a compassionate surgery team!
  • http://www.vshsd.com/pet-owners Specialty Pet Hospital in San Diego and North County | VSHSD - VSH is a high-quality emergency and specialty pet hospital that leverages expertise, technology and compassion to treat your pets with the care they deserve.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/pet-owners/client-help-desk San Diego and North County Veterinary Hospital Appointments | VSHSD - Make veterinary hospital appointments at VSH’s locations in either San Diego or North County – access our online client help desk to learn more and to read our FAQs.
  • http://www.vshsd.com/pet-owners/online-rx-ordering Submit Your Prescription Request | VSHSD - Our prescription refill process makes it easy for you to get your pet's medicine. The pharmacy department fills prescription refill requests Monday
  • http://www.vshsd.com/pet-owners/pharmacy-faqs Veterinary Pet Prescription Information for San Diego & North County | VSHSD - Read Veterinary Specialty Hospital's informative pharmacy FAQs to learn more about our veterinary prescription information – we want to help!

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    Very light weight compared to other all weather mats. Came in genuine Mopar packaging and GREAT coverage in my 2015 Ram 1500 CREW CAB.

  • Anne - revolting flavor

    I ordered this product based on all the rave reviews. What a disappointment. The flavor is so disgustingly sweet and minty, it is absolutely revolting. Like liquid, super sweet chewing gum. I definitely would not recommend it to anyone, and I would not order again unless the formula is changed to one without any sweeteners and flavorings.


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    These skis are awesome!! The just simplify skiing. They make a black diamond a blue and double blacks into single. Extremely responsive, super light and well, amazing! I mounted the head pivot 14's and they compliment each other perfectly. These skis are wider than I have owned before.

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    The best Coffee, I never lost any sleep because I had a Coffee to late at night. My wife always had infection from a regular Coffee, but with this Coffee, 3 cups a day no infections.

  • Patrick Cray - Will never buy again nor recommend. Way overpriced for what they offer

    These do not fit as advertised. I wrote to company and heard nothing back. Will never buy again nor recommend. Way overpriced for what they offer.

  • Walter Austin - You will be disappointed..

    I bought this after seeing some of the other reviews. I was hoping that the few negative were the type that would not be happy with anything and was hopeful as the positive outweighed the negative. Well unfortunately, the negatives reviews were correct in this case. I loved the user interface on the Ipad and how quickly the unit read my blood pressue, the issue is that it always read about 20 points higher than any other unit or when I had someone do a manual test.