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  • Pam M. - Convenient to use but there is a slight room for improvement in entering verification code

    This is the Anti virus I could find anywhere. I like the download version because I can purchase and use it right away. Never had any problems with it. I wish they would improve it so that I do not have to re-enter a new verification code every time or at least make it easy to find where to enter that so my 84 year old mom can do that herself.

  • Kare_Bear - Not as sturdy as some coin folders

    Not as sturdy as some coin folders, but it serves its purpose well. It is a little difficult to get quarters into it (I ended up pounding them into place with a wooden rolling pin), but once they are in they're in for good.

  • Anthony L - AMAZING!! Being as busy as I am (day ...

    Been on this product for about a month now. AMAZING!! Being as busy as I am (day job,gym, running a weekend business and just daily life). This product keeps me focused and able to always be on point when having to recall something from the past or present. I can tell when I miss a day too cause I will forget things and my brain is just fuzzy without it. Definitely add this to your daily regimen if you're an entrepreneur or student, you'll benefit from this tremendously!!!


    from what i understand you're not supposed to be exposed to the sun when you use Retinol and yet this product contains an SPF which told me its ok to wear in the sun-i didn't know this when i bought it so i put it on with the SPF 30 and took a walk for half an hour and then noticed when i got back i had a big red blotch on my face as though my face was burned-which it was-i then learned you should NOT USE RETINOL in the sun-why, oh why, do they put an SPF in a product when they should know you shouldn't be wearing this in the sun. I immediately stopped using it!

  • Breana Violanti - Highly recommened, trusted software!!

    AVG is a well known and trusted brand. I would not trust any other software to protect my computer. I buy this every year along with the PC Tune up. Both my computers and my phone are using this software. I feel at ease using it, it catches anything that is bad that is going on with my computer. I really enjoy using these products as well, they are easy to install and easy to use!!

  • M. Adams - IMPRESSED!

    This really works! And works well. It holds curls better than standard curling iron and easy. Yes sometimes you do have your hair get stuck ( but I find this only happens when I attempt to put to much hair in it) and if it does get stuck, you just simply back out. I have not lost 1 single strand so far. Worth the price!