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Home | Online Poison Control | webPOISONCONTROL® - webPOISONCONTROL® is a poison control online tool that helps determine if an unintentionally swallowed substance is poisonous, before symptoms develop.Poison Help, PoisonHelp

  • http://www.webpoisoncontrol.org/articles/2013-jul/my-child-ate-a-cigarette My Child Ate a Cigarette! - Nicotine is very poisonous. The amount in only one cigarette butt is enough to poison a child. Other forms of nicotine are also extremely poisonous: cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, nicotine gum if chewed by a child, nicotine patches if chewed on by a child, and liquid nicotine used for electronic cigarettes.
  • http://www.webpoisoncontrol.org/articles/button-batteries Batteries Cause Devastating Injuries - Swallowed batteries burn through a child's esophagus in just 2 hours, leading to surgery, months with feeding and breathing tubes, and even death. About the size of a nickel, 20 mm, 3-volt lithium coin cells are the most hazardous as they are big enough to get stuck and burn faster. Secure battery compartments and keep loose batteries away from children.
  • http://www.webpoisoncontrol.org/articles/2013-sep/electronic-cigarettes E-Cigs and Toddlers: Beware - Electronic cigarettes (e-Cigs) are devices made to look like real cigarettes. They contain a battery, a heater, and liquid nicotine. When heated, the nicotine liquid becomes a vapor, which users inhale. Liquid nicotine products contain flavorings and something to help the product vaporize. Liquid nicotine products are very poisonous if swallowed.
  • http://www.webpoisoncontrol.org/articles/2007-dec/carbon-monoxide Carbon Monoxide: The Invisible Killer - It's not an intriguing or novel hazard, just the persistent, invisible killer: carbon monoxide. Seriously, you still don't have a carbon monoxide alarm in every sleeping area of your home? Get one! And keep fuel-burning appliances in good repair; don't use grills or gasoline-powered tools indoors, and don't run your car in an attached garage or place a generator close to your home.

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    Great academic calendar, Plenty of room to write assignments and keep track of projects and papers and when they are due. There is a right side bar even where you can write non-academic commitments you might have each day.

  • csm1263 - Nice quality knife

    I haven't used this knife too extensively, but so far, each of the 'functions' has performed nicely. The knife is well balanced & very sharp, but a bit short. Due to the "extras" (screwdrivers, & bottle opener) it's a little wider than others, but not alarmingly so - in fact, it's added girth actaully gives it a better feel in my hand. I really like the glastic handle - seems like it will last forever. The belt clip seems to be a little oversized. As a result, I have had it come off my belt a couple times - one time when I reached into my pocket, I kncked it off, and when it hit the ground, the blade opened almost completely !?! Overall, I am very happy with this knife - I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Nate G - Perfect product for a lost hub cap

    This is a perfect product to replace a lost hub cap from your sienna minivan. Rather than looking like a cheap dork that cannot keep from hitting curbs and knocking off hubcaps, cover up your mistakes by buying these. Snap them on and, voilia! You look like you can drive again.

  • Elijah Chingosho - Outstanding Book

    This is an outstanding book that is very interesting and fascinating reading. The fact that the book is based on five-years of research makes the research findings and conclusions credible and believable. This book answers a fundamental question: "Can a good company become a great company?" I also enjoyed the case studies inside it which greatly reinforced the author's message.