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Westie Rescue of California and Seven Western States - Providing rescue services, breed education, foster care, placement in forever homes - Westie Rescue of California and Seven Western States - Provide breed education, rescue services, foster rehabilitation, life-saving medical care and placement of West Highland White Terriers, Westies, into approved forever homes

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  • Robert's Office Manager - Wished I had found it earlier!

    For our business we didn't need a fancy CAD program. We needed something that would do simple drawings of the areas (renovations) within buildings that we could include in our specs. I had tried Autodesk, Rhino, Draftsight, Light something, etc. I would have spent more time learning how to use it than it was worth in our situation. I had been doing very simple ones with my pdf program, can we say not very professional looking? I downloaded a trial version and was too busy to even try it so I asked for another week extension. Customer support gladly provided. They even wrote me twice during that week to see if I had questions or needed help. Once my trial was finished, I spoke with my boss and told him how easy it was to use. First drawing took less than 20 minutes to complete while a simpler one had taken up to an hour on other software. (You can make them fancy or simple) I loved the ease! Customer support wrote and asked if I was interested in purchasing. I replied that my boss thought it was too costly for something we would not use on a regular basis. SmartDraw customer service called me on the phone and asked what parts I needed and what type of renewals I needed, etc. Asked how much would we be willing to pay for what we needed and worked with us to customize our download to meet our needs and then some, gave us options on future updates or just the one year updates, etc. Never have I ever had such quality service from a software company. I have had no problems at all from the program. It does what I tell it to do. I saw some reviews of it being cranky...I have not had that issue. Best program and best customer service ever! They also send an occasional email with different ideas on what the program can do with how to videos available.

  • Adam S - Worked for me!

    I used this product after several weeks of scrubbing my hair with vinegar, salicylic acid, and laundry soap. I also bleached my whole head bright blonde and then dyed it back to normal. The day of the test I used the product as directed to a tee. Passed the test no problem.

  • Daniel N. - I always recommend a tempered glass screen protector

    Ultimate protection for your screen, I always recommend a tempered glass screen protector. I have dropped my phone and cracked the tempered glass but not the screen. Fits nice, highly recommended.

  • Kenneth Osherow - good product, attractive and worthwhile

    One gripe is that the water tank is a little smaller than I would have preferred and runs out before I am totally done. However, this is the price to pay for the applicance being on the smaller side and attractive looking in the bathroom. Basically, it's enough to get the job done and you can refill if you need another round. I generally put a touch a Listerine into the tank to give the water that refreshing tingle. My second gripe is that the water pick head comes loose because of the huge release button where you hold it. This is weired when you you in the middle of a session. The pressure adjustments are great because you will need to start on the light settings and build up so you gums don't bleed to much. This thing is powerful and works as described. I'm thinking of getting another one for the weekend house because I'm addicted.

  • Russ - Disappointing

    As ordered, On time. Using sound level meter before and after installing the silencing kit there was no change in the noise, 78DBA