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  • Karen - helpful and very informative

    I behave been pulling for 10 days and my allergies are much better already. My teeth were loose and hurting and the started tightening and my gums felt better after the first time.

  • Marvin Powell - Could this be the revival the franchise has been needing for so long now?

    As a WWE nut, the closest me or anyone really could get to being in the world of the WWE is through the SmackDown vs RAW games and it's creator content. Since the "2006" game, however, the franchise has been dwindling steadily downhill, with the game getting worse and worse and worse every year, by THQ either taking out content such as match types or wrestling moves for custom movesets, limiting players abilities to do things like give Created Superstars attributes without going through a whole song-and-dance routine, or by simply not giving us enough of what we want, like a full WWE roster (jobbers and midcarders, included). Last year's game was so cheap and barebones, I didn't even keep it. And a lot of people were just as unsatisfied, as well. This year's game's "Gimmick" seems to be all about the user-created content. "But isn't that weird?" you might ask, considering that the games have *always* had this. What makes things better this year? ARE things even better?

  • Prasanna A - Works like a charm....once you set it up.

    Very Cool. Works like a charm. I must admit that the instructions could be a tad better and simplified. However, there are videos on how to set it up. I have been using it for about 3 days...and it seems to provide a significantly better signal where earlier we would have devices unable to connect to the wifi with weak and failing signals. I went through 2 iterations to set it up...and the only thing with messing up was that I re-initialized the wireless extender and started over again.