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  • nedral - It really works good!

    It really works good! Last year I wondered off to Kaspersky, Daa! What was I thinking. All Kaspersky did was make doing what I was doing harder without to many results. I can't really knock Kaspersky it has its moments. My computer was acting up near the end of the contract and it wasn't finding any virus and the second I installed McAfee Wham Bam Think you Mam all those nasty problems gone! I think some body knows what their doing when it come to keeping your computer up and running.

  • rockinlar - Did you miss that ?

    Very disappointed as all science fiction movies now a days heavy on special effects no time for acting which the first movie was heavy on knowing the characters. Missed Will Smith as Dillon and the replacement and other pilot characters didn't care because there wasn't time to know the actors. No great speech this is independence day boy cant wait for another sequel with more special effects.

  • P. Lawson - Get off the couch! This program works!

    Listen up you 'on the fence ' wannabe fitness people! If you are like me, tired of living with 'Dunlap Disease' where your belly done lap over your belt, this will help. You have to make the decision to use it, but it will work! I am a 42 year old former Marine whose glory days are long past. This program is helping me get back in shape. It can help you too!

  • Molly Minx - So Gross and So Satisfying.

    I am 28 now but in high school I had pretty bad acne and spent a decent amount of time at the dermatologist (thanks Mom!) so I am very familiar with the disgusting and satisfying process of extracting. It is seriously the grossest thing you will do all day and you will feel good about it. If you are new to the process of extraction I would strongly suggest researching or youtubing techniques. When used incorrectly you can damage your skin or prolong your pimples by pushing everything deeper.