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  • Yoga Addict - High quality skin care

    This vinalta serum is a high quality product - 100% vegan and 72% organic, it contains a variety of skin healthy ingredients. Aloe, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid are at the top of the ingredient list, making this excellent for providing moisture to the skin. Other helpful ingredients are jojoba, green tea and vitamin c and e. This unique combination provides a smoothing effect - the hyaluronic acid is particularly effective at plumping up the skin, which decreases as we age. I use this ingredient both as a supplement and topically for its anti-aging effects. I have somewhat oily skin and this balances things out nicely, providing moisture without weight and goes on nicely under makeup. I would so most will want a creamier moisturizer on top of the serum- layering the two on top of each other. It is fine for me in the warmer months by itself. But typically serums get layered with other products. I received a discount to try this out but would recommend giving it a try - the ingredients are safe and proven effective.

  • Bruce Hunter - Scared the crap out of my cat

    I got one of these today. Its only function is to infuse a liquid with CO2. And, it does that well. So far, the only flavor I've tried is diet cola. It was palatable enough that I might stop buying my beloved Coke Zero. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what other liquids I can fizz up. Milk? Chocolate milk? Kool-Aid? Rum? The instructions say that you should infuse the liquid in short bursts and on the third burst, should hear a "loud buzz," which tells you it's done or that you can give it another shot for more fizz. Yes, the buzz was loud. In fact, it sounded like chain saw hitting a bridge abutment. It scared my cat so badly that I'm surprised she didn't swallow herself whirling around to escape the room. That never gets old. I wonder where she is.

  • Andrea - the perfect thickness, love the scent - all round terrific

    I use the coconut floss - does not shred, the perfect thickness, love the scent - all round terrific floss

  • M. A. May - Common sense info, highly overpriced, poor customer service

    My 60+ mother sadly purchased this program at an exorbitant price and gifted it to my husband and I for tips to help us parent our teenage son to treat his younger sister more kindly. My heart sank once I heard how much she had paid, but figured we'd give it a go. A lot of the program seems very geared toward kids with major behavioral issues, problems at school, or ADHD conditions which didn't really apply in our case, so we didn't find it that useful, aside from some common sense parenting techniques that could be found much cheaper elsewhere.

  • Joseph L. Chernicoff - Ensuring Security

    Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus has been an important tool in helping to keep my computer system from attack. It works well with other protection programs, and it's ability to warn about possible dangerous web sites is a good perimeter defense. Customer service assistance when need is quick and knowledgeable; I have been using the program for about 9 months and have no operational complaints...

  • K Kim - Great for the price.

    I bought this after owning a Chrome bag for years. Unfortunately I moved last July and in the process lost that bag, which I loved.