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  • Luis Vasquez - Beautiful and Compatible with a MacBook!

    The screen is larger than I expected but that's probably because I didn't look at the measurements described. Overall, the monitor is strong with a sturdy base and beautiful display screen. Also, it works with a MacBook Pro. Thank you!

  • lb1428 - So hard to tighten straps and recline won't stay locked!

    There are a few great things about this carseat and then several terrible features that are making me hate it. I bought this in early 2016 as a replacement for a 2014 Pria 70 after being in a minor accident. My first seat was in Total Black which tended to get quite hot in the summer time (my daughter would be totally sweaty after any trip even with the AC blasting). I opted for the Grey Gravel hoping it would be slightly cooler but that is not the case. Not only is it just as hot, the Gravel is a different material (not the easily cleanable neoprene like the Total Black was but more of a pique like a polo golf shirt). I cannot keep this seat clean. Within a week of washing it there are spots everywhere again. The only upside that I will mention is that the newer model has snaps that make it easy to remove everything for washing without having to uninstall the whole seat.

  • Kelly - Awesome product, even better price! Well worth it!!

    I've been through more eyebrow and eyelash serums than I'd like to admit, but I'm happy to say that I am OBSESSED with the "BANG Eyebrow Growth Serum - Get Perfect Bolder Brows w/ Organic Argan Oil, Castor Oil & Peptides - Guaranteed". Not even kidding, Nourish Beaute has a product made of GOLD! I am not one of those girls that has completely plucked or waxed down their eyebrows, but I have one tiny but awkward little patch where my eyebrows just wouldn't grow in! I'm not exactly sure what happened, because it wasn't always like that, but at some point I did lose a bit of hair in that small patch, and it has been driving me NUTS. I've been using this product for a very short time, and the hair is already growing back! Yay!! It's not completely thickened and full length like the rest of my eyebrows, but considering the immediate growth, I'm pretty sure it will be in due time. Absolutely thrilled about this product!

  • Harper - WOW!

    It's great! Gives energy .... no more mid day crash! No preservatives! And now for the con... it tastes horrible when just put with water. Gritty nasty! But.. add a couple tbl spoons of honey and fruit for a smoothie and your good to go!

  • PDCohen - Mmm Mmm Good

    This product smells awesome. I like using this as a deep conditioner with a heating cap. I am almost 3 months natural so my hair is short. I cant wait for my hair to grow so that I can try this for other natural hairstyles. It smells good enough to eat. LOL

  • sv_product - It works, but not as quiet as I thought it would be

    I just finished the install of this, took me about 2 hours. I was replacing a badger5, about 10 years old, and was pretty noisy. I had high hopes that this would be super silent, and my biggest disappointment is it's still pretty noisy.

  • Linda Kennedy - This product is awful!

    If you want this piece of junk ask for a return label in advance otherwise you pay the shipping fee yourself,which cost me $53.00 yup that's right !/3 of the cost to buy it. And let me tell you it's not worth 53 cents I'll never buy from this company again and I'm telling everyone I know to do the same. If your smart you'll do the same and skip this product!!!!