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Zantac ‐ Long Lasting Relief from Heartburn and Acid Indigestion - Zantac tablets tame heartburn & provide long lasting relief from acid indigestion in as little as 30 minutes by controlling the production of stomach acid

  • http://www.zantac.com.au/understanding-heartburn Understanding heartburn - Zantac - Though stomach acid is important for normal digestion, heartburn occurs when the acid escapes into the oesophagus, which can cause damage and inflammation
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/how-zantac-works Zantac Works Differently to Antacids to Tame Heartburn - Zantac tablets work differently to antacids. Some antacids just neutralise stomach acid but Zantac controls its production for fast relief from heartburn
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/is-zantac-right-for-you Is Zantac Right For You? - Zantac - Use our meter to gauge whether Zantac is the right treatment for your heartburn or you need to speak to a GP about your symptoms & other treatment options
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/zantac-range Zantac 12‐hour Action & Zantac Extra 24‐hour Action Tablets - Zantac provides effective treatment for heartburn and acid indigestion and are available in both Zantac 12‐hour Action or Zantac Extra 24‐hour Action packs
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/zantac-store-finder Find Your Nearest Zantac Retailer with the Store Finder - Zantac tablets are available in pharmacies and stores nationwide. Use our handy store finder to locate your nearest Zantac retailer.
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/terms Terms of Use - Zantac - Zantac's terms and conditions as well as its applicable laws for users, medical healthcare information, links to third party ads & other website policies
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/privacy Privacy Policy - Zantac - Zantac's privacy policy for users, including the data the company collects and holds, use and disclosure of information, access and security & others
  • http://www.zantac.com.au/social-media-policy Social Media Policy - Zantac - Zantac's social media house rules on the use of their website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and other media services made available by Aspen Australia

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  • Amazon Customer - Missing An Important Editing Feature

    I am giving it one star because Microsoft Office 2016 seems like a downgrade from Microsoft Office 2013. Microsoft 2016 now has fewer of the useful editing features than Microsoft 2013. Most importantly to me, the Grammar and Style checking feature in Microsoft Office 2016 (as of the version I downloaded on 11/12/15) is lacking when compared with Microsoft Office 2013. MS Office 2016 does not track contractions or place two spaces after the period and such. In fact, you no longer have a choice of picking Grammar and Style. You can choose only Grammar. So, in my humble opinion, MS Office 2016 is not as functional a product as MS Office 2013, which has some decent editing features. Now I do not know if this is a permanent downgrade in this feature for MS Office 2016 or if some upgrades are coming that adds back this particular feature. I have seen posts on Microsoft concerning this matter that are contradictory. In any case, if the "grammar and style" are features you use, then you might want to avoid Microsoft Office 2016 until you know the features have been added back. I will consider increasing this rating once this missing feature is restored.

  • Ikonoblast - Another pageturner.

    Another can't put it down book by Sandford. Can't wait for the next one. I like the Flowers books better than the Davenport series. Lighter and more amusing.

  • mary - Wish me luck!

    I just got my tea, drank my first glass of it. It's a good taste. I hope this will help. I have tried everything else.

  • Litha Rahayu - It works faster on lighter color skin

    I bought this through amazon in march 2012, and i've been using this for under arm and bikini line area. I have tan color skin, with darker color around bikini area, and very dark hair.