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  • Angela Jones-landry - I love it!

    The WW pedometer is great. My only complaint is that there should be a better explanation for calculating one's stride. The default stride was off my actual stride by 5 inches which can affect accuracy. When comparing my activity points prior to and after use of the pedometer, they were very consistent. I now know how much to add from my whole day of walking. I highly recommend this item but purchase from a WW meeting. I got mine for $18 with a $5 off coupon.

  • Greg - Better than most

    I bought this for my grandson and we both like it very much. The heavy grade multi color map has a space punched in each state and there are separate spaces on the last panel for a duplicate set with different mint marks. Inserting and if desired, removing the coins, is easy and there is a notch along the rim of the slot to facilitate removal of the quarter. This album is well worth the price.

  • Ahi Poke Man - Amazing Product - Cured my Cat's Stud Tail in record time

    This is an amazing product! I bought it after reading multiple online reviews and consulting with my vet. My newly adopted cat had a a severe case of stud tail which persisted even after we had him neutered. We tried several topical shampoos and skin treatment sprays which we bought at the local pet store with little to no success. However, this shampoo did the trick! One complete bath and two minor follow up spot treatments and the smelly blackish yellow secretion that had encrusted the skin on his tail from the base to about the three quarters of the way to the tip of the tail was gone never to return. Highly recommend to any cat owner with a similar symptoms but of course check with your vet first.

  • Heyokah - Moore Fung? Yes, Please!

    Not too little, not too much, just right. All the information I ever wanted or needed to know about fasting in one easily accessible format. And yes, I've had the book less than a day, and have only been reading for several hours, but I'm already familiar with the practice of non-religious fasting as briefly outlined in Dr. Fung's The Obesity Code, and I can see that this new book fills in all the gaps. I currently practice a daily intermittent fasting routine with a 16 hour fast, and an 8 hour feeding window. Does it work? Absolutely! I'm 69, female, and my current A1C is 4.3, my labs are all within normal limits, I take no daily medications, and I've lost 33 pounds. These are important numbers for those of us who view fasting as a journey to better health, and the accompanying weight loss as a most serendipitous side effect. Now I'm ready to ramp up my game and The Complete Guide to Fasting is just the ticket.

  • Amanda Elaine - Serves its purpose!

    Does work as a rapid charger, which was my worry. When you first place your phone on the charger it lights up but then the lights go off. I use a Note 5 on it, but I had to get rid of my Tech360 case because it hindered charging (although it did not on the OEM wireless charger) so I feel this one has a weaker magnet. I cannot use this one in my car as I can the OEM because it is not non-slip, my phone wont stay on it with it sitting on the dash, but it works great for home use. I am constantly having to check it to see if it is charging due to the light not staying on-im afraid my phone/alarm clock will go dead. As long as you already own a rapid charging plug this works great. It does not come with the rapid charge wall plug, though, so if you do not have one then buy a less expensive wireless charger, since the cost of the plug negates any savings you would get from buying this one.

  • LoriLyn Irish - They loved it.

    I bought 3 of these and have only use one so far.. I gave on e to my Son and GF when they went to Florida on vacation.. They loved it.. They already had water proof cases on the IPhone 6 but this was a extra protection from the sand and the sun.. They said it held up really well.