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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Disappointed customer - did not work

    The product did not work as protrayed on the video or in the product review. The system is weak and does not elevate the ball high enough to hit

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    this fit just like glove...weather tech floor mats are a must have to protect your investment...very easy too clean

  • D. Klecan - the scent settles upon her and she wakes up happy to see us

    this is a comment in response to the authors CNN article...CNN comments section was frozen: My dog is deaf. I have learned more about the incredible power of scent dogs have from observing her these past 6 years. She can find us in any room at any time. When we come home and she is sound asleep, she doesn't wake up by vibrations, as many people report, but by our scent. You can almost see how as we walk around her, the scent settles upon her and she wakes up happy to see us. Through her, I've met other deaf dogs and their owners, some of who are deaf. It's a wonderful world of sight, scent and quiet.

  • R. Leabo - It's great if you don't mind a little self-loathing afterwards...

    Far-fetched? YES. Terrible acting? You betcha! Could one man really defy death at the last possible second 50 times in real life? Hell no! But the story in interesting enough, and the visuals are pretty outstanding. It's a typical big budget end of the world flick that only really suffers from John Cusak. Did you really expect an Oscar-ridden movie?