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  • Amy Fiedler - Nice but takes a while

    I've tried this with dry skin as well as after shower. It feels comfortable to hold and comfortable on the skin, and it's easy to use. It does a great job at removing callused skin, but it seems to take a long time. In the past I've removed calluses with a pumice stone, and that takes about 5 minutes. Getting the calluses off with this device takes at least three times as long to get to the same smoothness as with the pumice.

  • Vikki Paulus - It's a good one

    I am not intimidated by the pearl mask as I am with the snail or bird's nest. I guess the other masks are a leetle too "natural" for me. I don't want an animal's goo all over my face, sorry. The pearl one is perfect though. It's natural enough so I don't feel like it's synthetic at the same time, it is not so organic that I feel like I am one with the animals. (nothing against them)

  • Carol (bookish_notes) - A Thrilling Sequel

    I was absolutely blown away by Illuminae and expected nothing less from Gemina, so that already set some really high expectations. Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have outdone themselves and created another remarkable, fantastic, high-paced novel. In this, we’re introduced to two main characters, Hanna Donnelly, the daughter of the space station Heimdall‘s commander, and Nik Malikov, the nephew of a cartel abroad the ship selling dust to the locals.