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  • dp70737 - Bad video and picture Quality

    Crappy video Quality. The 720 statement while technically true makes it sound like it can record HD video. However, the video and picture quality isn't even as good as standard definition 480i tv.

  • Denise Shawntel Randall - New mom

    My mother and mother-in-law suggested I use this product on my son. He had a horrible cold and this is the only menthol that helped suppress his cough and ease his congestion. Babies can't have cough medicine so this was a God-send. I never heard of it but apparently it's been around for years because my mom used it on me nearly 40 years ago. Yeah for old-school remedies!

  • Skepticalshopper - Good product worth purchasing

    Good stuff it actually does help improve the look of skin at least it does for me. first off I used the Aveeno positively radiant for a month and I noticed that some of the dark marks and blemishes I had from minor breakouts were becoming less visible in fact almost gone altogether also the more I used the product the more vibrant my skin looked it has like a glow

  • agentneonblack - so far so good

    Bought this set and used it as soon as I got it and put it under some serious stress tests and not one single problem just wish it came with a 15/16 size but for the price cant beat it