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  • Evelyn H - needed this

    I purchased a smaller cutting board and realized I could use a larger one. I was happy to be able to find this one here on Amazon for an affordable price with FREE shipping.

  • andres - Great product for colic

    I started using this product after a friend recommended it to me. I will say it does help, but not for a long time. My baby had REALLY BAD colic. There's nothing worse than hearing your baby cry and you can't do anything about it. I would place a drop on his pacifier and he would calm down for about 15-30 mins. I will say that taste is disgusting, like black licorice, but it's not intolerable. It lasts a really long time.

  • JayDubya - If You Have A Long-haired Dog & Carpets, This Is An Expensive Toy!

    Bought this thing locally when my upright vacuum broke down and had to be in the shop. I have a golden retriever with a typical coat -- long hair, sheds like crazy summer and winter, and I thought Roomba might get me through the repair period. I was wrong. Roomba 770 is virtually useless picking up the dog's hair on carpet, somewhat better on hard surfaces (wood or tile). It doesn't pick up the dog hair, it rearranges it. You can tell that it has been over an area because there are brush tracks on the carpet and all the hair is brushed so that it's going in the same direction. The receptacle is also way too small to keep up with the volume of hair, even if it did pick it up (shame on me for not noticing that). The thing also gets stuck every single day, usually under my couch. All that said, it does two things I like and that's why I keep it. It sweeps under the bed and, even if it doesn't get the dog hair, it sucks up some dirt every single use. But DON'T buy this to keep up with a long-haired dog!

  • thomas scanlon - I was uncertain if this was going to work, ...

    I was uncertain if this was going to work, but after about 2 months, i can see the difference on the roof where the product was applied and where it wasn't . it actually works

  • Nadine LifeCoach - Inspiring

    So proud of these two. Their story is simple and inspiring. I love that even though she has not been formally trained in design that she's done so well and is confident in her abilities. Love that they've allowed their faith in God to be such an anchor.

  • Debbie - A Real Lemon!!!

    I received my unit and couldn't wait to remove it from it's box and use it. I used this steamer 2x and loved it! Unfortunately when I took the unit out to use it the third time it just quit working!!! Haan was very good about replacing the unit promptly and even upgraded it to the BS-20 multi steamer. However, that unit quit working after 2x. They replaced the unit promptly and I used it 2x and yes, it quit working!! Like the other two units, I plugged the unit in and the steam level light came on and a louder than normal banging began and then the steam level light began flashing continuously and then nothing!! Their customer service actually suggested I take it to a neighbors house and plug it into one of their outlets to see if it would work there. I couldn't believe it! I told him it has been working and it's not my outlets. I've been waiting for two weeks now for a response from the main office to hear how they plan to handle this issue. At this point I just want my money back and to be done with the Haan steam mop! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!