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  • Slobes - Looks great, but terrible reception.

    I am giving this three stars. I think that something as simple as an aftermarket antenna should be rated 1/3 on aesthetics, 1/3 on build, and 1/3 on functionality. They nailed it on build quality and aesthetics, 2/3. This little antenna is a quality item, makes no wind noise, and looks great. The the problem I have with this product is that the reception is horrible. I live 25 miles outside of Boston, so there is no lack of signal strength. I understand that the antenna is supposed to look good, but I would rather have just bought a chrome cap to plug the factory antenna hole if I knew how poorly the reception would be. What's the point in giving it any height at all?

  • J. Mayfield - Suffers from a couple significant flaws

    I have two other similar Bluetooth receiver dongles from different sellers (in fact, this Aukey unit was intended to replace one of my other dongles that suffered a broken USB connector and, thus, can't charge anymore). They're all the same size, have the same physical layout and same user interface: back & forward buttons to skip tracks and control volume, a multi-function play/pause/on/off/pairing button, a microUSB port for charging and a headphone jack.