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  • Robin - I come from a mexican family so I am very ...

    I come from a mexican family so I am very picky about my salsa. This is the chunkiest and hottest brand and you get a ton for the proce

  • George Leon - Great trail gloves.

    On my second pair of these, about one a year, & I ride frequently & I ride hard. These breathe great, they are comfortable & they are rugged.

  • CS in Alabama - Far better than Dodge's green milk jug cap

    I was pretty surprised that Dodge put a green milk jug cap in my fuel inlet to work as a cap. At first I thought maybe there was a screw up by the prep guys but no...that was the cap. I had visions of soapy water at the car wash filling the pipe, maybe some bugs, who knows. I bought my cap with the tether. It came with two o-rings in case the installed one was too tight, but it fit fine. The part is heavy metal with a green diesel paint / anodizing scheme. Nice cap, good quality.

  • Jay Wojnas - With that said I am very disappointed with Sole

    I will start off by saying I bought my treadmill from another vendor. With that said I am very disappointed with Sole. I had my treadmill for a month and then it started making a very loud banging noise. I called the 800 number and they said they thought it was the roller. So after waiting about a week and a half I got the part. When the tech got here and took the machine apart it was actually the belt. So almost 2 weeks later I got the correct part. Now the tech cannot come out for another week and a half. So I have had my treadmill 2 months and it has been broken for half of that time. I was looking to buy an elliptical as well and was looking at Sole. I will now buy another brand. It is great to have an awesome warranty. But only if there is follow through and you actually get people's treadmills fixed. So buy this treadmill if you hope it never breaks. Because if it does you will be waiting forever to get it fixed.

  • DonnaHok - Explosive in many ways.

    The chemistry between Missy Carter and Roi Majors is off the charts. And it’s not always sunshine and roses. Lots of banter between the two of them. And things are not as they seem when it comes to Missy. The I-ops team know very little about the PSI team and vice versa. In this book a bit more comes to light about the teams as well as about some very special women from the Asia project. Lots of action and adventure throughout the book. This may be part of a series yet it’s still a self-contained story. Well written and very entertaining to read.

  • Amazon Customer - A True Lifesaver - Reversed Hair Loss!

    I bought both Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg and Nature Made Super B Complex Tablets at the advice of my mother. When her hair began thinning due to age, her doctor had recommended Biotin and Vitamin B, so I decided to try them as well.

  • Irgunr - Helpful

    Bought this to help with a yeast issue I was having. It helped a bit but my problem turned out to be more persistent that a mild infection. I think this would work nicely for the infrequent mild feminine issue.