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  • Money Conscious Mom - What did they do

    This is a glorified electric boiling unit. It truly only has one temperature, boiling. I cooked a pork roast first. It turned out really dry, I thought maybe I had just let it cook a little long, even though I have cooked other roasts this long in my old crock pot, which I only had to replace because the liner had cracked - I wish I kept the base unit. I tried a corned beef next. After only 3 hours on low, it was shrivelled, and dry. My friend cooks hers on low for 6 hours and it turns out fantastic - using of coarse her old crock pot. What on earth were they thinking calling this a SLOW cooker. You can't cook things slowly when the temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheight. Advice to the company. When something works well, don't change it.

  • Amazon Customer - This latest edition had shortcomings.

    My wife and I just returned from our first-ever visit to HK. A four day visit. We used this guide every day. It was useful but had many shortcomings. Like when we made the effort to get to the best museum in the area, called HK Museum of History, only to find out it is closed Tuesdays. I think the book should explicitly say CLOSED TUESDAY. It does not. And it guided us to an area in HK called Wan Chai that promised great night life with fun bars and restaurants. We made it over there and discovered it to be kind of seedy, not many restaurants, and quite a few street hookers. We don't mind seeing a few street walkers, but we thought the book should have described it as such. On our own, we discovered something called The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system which is the world's longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. It's free and we really enjoyed riding it. It is not mentioned in the book at all! We also ran into a very lively area called SoHo that was full of nice restaurants and bars, that was not mentioned in the book. Mind you, the book was published just nine months ago (in January 2015), and yet seemed either out of date or out of touch. It seems to me Lonely Planet guides used to be much more reliable. Now days they try to cover everywhere in the world, for every kind of traveler, and as a result they aren't the great and reliable guides they used to be.

  • Grady Smith - Spotlight in a tac light.

    The TN12 CW is truely an awesome tac flashlight. The max 1000 lumens at night is as hot as a spot light. The firefly mode is awesome while getting ready for work at 5am with the wifey sleeping. I cannot wait to take this camping in the spring. I don't know how great it would be on my rails due to weight and if the light is off for a while, it starts in firefly mode. It truely does turn on at the rear and cycle through all modes by the side switch. On and off only by the tail switch. This bad boy is fantastic. Make sure you have a charger for those 18650s as i am sure you will use them up the first week playing with this gem.

  • Programming Kat - Make sure it's a Genuine MS version

    This one star rating is NOT a rating for the product, but it why the product couldn't be activated. I purchased it from a third party and received a thumb drive while the product key was in a folder ON the thumb drive. Microsoft displayed the product as fraudulent [which put me in a very tight spot legally]; MS and Amazon were great! MS got that I wasn't trying to pirate their software and Amazon returned all my money. This purchased just reinforced the adage: If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Georgette Kearney - Great for adding scents to your washing machine:)

    As someone who is new to essential oils, this was perfect for me because it is great for me to use in a diffuser or simply use throughout my house. Upon arrival, I was excited to use it because I have heard of the wonders lavender oil has when you are using it on your body versus putting it in a diffuser. When you open the bottle, it does have a strong lavender scent so you don't have to really use a lot of it to get your point across. I typically use it on my body instead of using perfume and I normally put it in my washing machine with my sheets to give them a lavender scent when I am washing them. If you have wool balls, I would recommend that you put at least one or two drops on the ball to help spread the scent around while it is drying in your clothes. Like many oils, it will stain your furniture if any is dropped on your furniture so I would be very careful. The only negative thing that I would have to say about the lavender essential oil is that it does not last long, if you are using it as a perfume instead of putting is in the diffuser like you should. After the initial drop, it does help you to calm down so if you have a fussy baby or feeling grouchy, I would highly recommend that you keep this around to help you destress. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinion of the item is 100% of my own opinion.

  • Timothy Eastman - A real live release.

    Much improved from their first live EP (One and Done) and a full arrangement of a dozen songs. Excellent sound similar to studio quality lending to their level of professionalism. Seeing them live (on the DVD) is a big plus, making the juice worth the extra squeeze.