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    You will enjoy the number of casino games and especially the slot games, they even let you win periodically much more so than real slot games.

  • xerces1492 - Great mid-range bike!

    I got my Trace Sport at Performance Bikes with a white/red/black color scheme (it was a special edition I think). I actually didn't know how to ride a bike before I got this one (go ahead, laugh) but don't be fooled, I've tested other bikes after this one but this is a great bike for the price and I'm really happy with it. It has all the speed of a road bike with the ruggedness (and heft) of a mountain bike. The fastest gear is super-fast and if you're in city traffic you'll find yourself pulling out in front of the car next to you from a dead stop. Along with the fast, smooth drivetrain comes a pair of cabled disc brakes which are extremely useful among Pittsburgh's many hills. Don't touch the rotors after a long, steep descent though. It's a very confident ride especially where potholes are common; this bike handles all sorts of hazards like a champ. It's pretty light as well for everyday commuting but it can't beat a road bike in that department. My only qualm is that the frame is pretty wide to make space for the brakes and since disc brakes still aren't terribly common, you're going to need to spec order some parts (rear racks for instance). Even so, this bike has great value written all over it.

  • Ray Bloch - this is a good program

    It doesn't have the latest tax laws but for just good business record keeping this works for us. It is all you need for a small business that doesn't have to worry about tax laws that much.

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    If you find yourself beta.. and you know who you are. If you seriously want to improve yourself; be honest about your flaws and read this book. There is nothing wrong with you, this book is a godsend. Read it and learn.:)

  • Ashley Crochet - Great service!

    Received item in no time! I've been using this product for years and I will NOT put eye shadow on without it. I've tried urban decay but it was too greasy for me. The too faced is greasy but thats why you have to shake it up and it comes out whole. Thank you very much seller! I will definitely buy from you again!

  • C. Bowers - Not Well-Written

    I was disappointed in this book (which we purchased both on Audible and for Kindle). The writing seems trite. We stopped listening (reading) after about 2 chapters--which is rare for us. The characterizations of the main character and her supporting cast seemed shallow. I will not be purchasing any more books by this author. Perhaps if you enjoy romance novels this novel might be more appealing than it was for us.

  • JP Russell - Good product but maybe not worth the cost.

    Good product but it won't work on my Mac, plus the free version gives me all I really need. I installed it on my wife's PC but probably will substitute the free version when this one expires. This was easy to download and install which is more than I can say for the same product available as a download. This is definitely a better buy than the comparable download version, especially if you have more than one PC to install it on.