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  • Amazon Customer - I'm a democrat but this book made me cringe

    Wow, to call this a book is an insult to real book authors everywhere. This act of literary terrorism should be recategorized as an electioneering pamphlet since it reads like propaganda. Had to stop reading after the first chapter.

  • John Hughes - Fundamental to My Recovery

    I know this story will sound familiar to many of you. I grew up in a strict land-based family in Arizona. So maybe it was teenage rebellion, or a phase or that my mother was stand-offish about proper hydration, but in my teens I found my interests drifting toward the nautical. Early on, I taught myself to tie bowlines and kept a stash of them under my bed, but in almost no time at all, I was caught in the undertow of desire. By the time I was 16, I had a storage locker full of marine catalogs, nets, and even a few canoes. Even still, I craved something bigger.

  • Jason S - Already Upgraded to Office 365 (version 2013) Cloud Subscription

    Thus far I 100% prefer Microsoft's cloud based Office applications. My caveat is 365 users will need to learn touch computing or use a mouse. I'm also looking forward to see if Microsoft does away with the traditional Windows desktop. And if they do, how it will change Office usability.